Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Toronto Van "Attack" Anomolies

There are some curiosities about this incident:

1: Incorrect name- Incorrect identification ? 

The alleged van driver- Alek or Alex Minassian. It seems that the media has settled on Alek. Despite early reporting having police services providing two different names/spellings. This is not the first time I've read of incorrect naming of a suspect. Is it just incorrect spelling? I don't know. Is everyone illiterate and can't spell a name correctly when proper ID is paramount?

Inconsistent name reporting by the same source
“There has been some confusion about the correct spelling of the suspect's name, spelled by some sources as Alek and others as Alex. The Toronto police have been inconsistent in this as well, the latest update suggesting the correct spelling is Alek.”
2: Known to authorities or not known to authorities?

 So far Canadian law enforcement is saying not know, but NYC Police Commisioner says the suspect is known to Police
Former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton reportedly told MSNBC that officials in Canada said Minassian was known to authorities prior to the attack. However, Toronto Police maintain the suspect was not known to them before the incident.
Toronto Police not knowing only informs us the police don't  know him. 
We aren't told if the suspect was  known to RCMP or CSIS. Perhaps he was? 
Why did NYPD commissioner say he was known to "authorities" prior to the attack? 
What 'authorities' is he referring to?

From the twitter account of Malcom Nance stated bio:  US Intelligence +36 yrs. Expert Terrorist Strategy,Tactics,Ideology. Torture, Russian Cyber! | NYT Bestselling Author, Navy Senior Chief/Jedi Master, NBC/MSNBC.
Former NYC Police commissioner Bill Bratton states on his sources in Canada say van driver in was known to Police and now consider incident a terrorist attack. Motivation and affiliation unknown.
3: The Ryder Truck

 One would think with all the bad press Ryder has gotten for decades a rebrand might be in order? But, no.  The ubiquitous Ryder truck. Present at the first trade center bombing, 1993.  
Ryder truck in Toronto
"The 1,200-pound bomb was in a Ryder truck parked in a parking garage beneath the World Trade Center"
 Present at the Oklahoma City bombing. 
"McVeigh and Nichols removed the bomb supplies from their storage unit in Herington, Kansas, where Nichols lived, and loaded them into a Ryder rental truck"
4- The cop doesn't shoot the suspect! - Does NOT shoot the suspect

Now this non action on the part of law enforcement simply blows my mind. The suspect has, according to reports, just run down a whole bunch of people. Intentionally. Gets out of the van, claims he is armed. Tells the cop to shoot him and the cop doesn't ??!!

Sky news
A police officer has been praised for refusing to shoot a man seeking "suicide by cop", after allegedly killing 10 people in a van attack in Toronto.

Dramatic video shows the officer, who has not yet been named, arresting Alek Minassian after a tense stand-off.

As the suspect shouted "Kill me," the officer replied, "No, get down."
 The officer tells the man to "get down" and when the suspect says he has a gun, the officer repeats: "I don't care. Get down." The suspect was then arrested without shots being fired.
That seems so very unlikely if we are to take this story at face value.

A couple of thoughts regarding the cop choosing to not shoot the perpetrator though he  claimed to have a gun in his possession:

I: As I said in the comments "The fact that the cop didn't kill the guy, seems possibly to have been done to redeem the cops from there pretty well deserved bad reputation"

II: This next reason seemed so obvious after I heard someone actually say- well this is Canada we don't go around just shooting people- to which I replied Sammy Yatim and the TO police?   

Not only was young Sammy gunned down-then shot in his groin- and then, to add insult to injury, tasered multiple times- So that's a load of shit that 'we don't go around shooting people'- However this plays into the "Canada the good" vs "US the bad" memes that are endlessly spread by very ignorant (lacking in knowledge)  persons in Canada

5- The curious uploading and just as sudden take down of a very suggestive and highly convenient to specific narrative creation face book post or account

Time of Israel
"Canadian media outlet CBC News reports that in a Facebook post, Minassian appears to praise Elliot Rodger, a California man who stabbed and killed three people and shot dead another three individuals in a 2014 rampage. However, CBC was unable to verify that the Facebook profile belonged to the suspect in Monday’s attack, and on Tuesday the page appeared to have been removed from the social media network"
Daily Mail
 Shortly before the attack, a Facebook profile with the same name uploaded a post which read: 'All hail the supreme gentleman Elliot Rodger'.

The post also mentioned 'incel', which is a term used to refer to men who have been made 'involuntarily celibate' because women continually reject their sexual advances.
 'The Incel Rebellion has already begun! We will overthrow all the Chads and Stacys! All hail the Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger!'
 Uploaded to Facebook  just prior to the 'attack' and just as quickly taken down. No verification at all whose Facebook account this really was. And knowing what I do about facebook... (spook/intel connected) I'd call this bogus.

6: Did you know the G-7 were meeting in Toronto when this took place?- That's right the G-7. It used to be the G-8, but, that has changed.

The presence of the G-7 in Toronto certainly informs us that there is an over abundance of intelligence agencies and their associates present and ready for anything in Toronto.
What's on the agenda? Reads like tyranny to me.

Wark said there appears to be a sense of urgency — but not panic — among the G7 nations as they look ahead to events such as the U.S. midterm elections this year and Canada's federal election in 2019.
The Trudeau government recently committed more than $500 million toward bolstering and reorganizing the country's cyber defences, and pledged an additional $200 million toward better signals intelligence at the country's high-tech overseas eavesdropping agency, the Communications Security Establishment.

"Russia, rightly, on G-7 Agenda"

Fascist Nazi Freeland
"Patience with Russia for many Western states is running out. This mood may have repercussions at the G7 foreign ministers' meeting being held on April 22 to 23 in Toronto, ahead of the G7 summit to be held in Charlevoix, Que., in June."

Hold on! 

Because there was a really interesting connection to  what was on the G-7 agenda and the Van attack incident-  G7 security ministers gathered in Toronto discuss 'soft targets' 
What is a 'soft target'? A soft target is one exactly like the location of the van attack!
And that's a bit too much of a coincidence

CSIS director briefing ministers today,(yesterday April 23/18) with attacks in unsecured public spaces on the agenda

The scene that unfolded on a Toronto street Monday is something straight out of a counter-terrorism officer's worst nightmares.
Security analysts call them "soft targets" — unsecured public spaces where a lone attacker can do maximum damage. 
Those kinds of scenarios are on the agenda Tuesday for the G7 security ministers meeting in Toronto, along with other recent attacks in public spaces by terrorists.
Regardless of how that probe unfolds, the event is a reminder of the enormous challenges involved in securing ordinary public venues from extraordinary threats. 

Gee, I would say that CSIS just guaranteed their funding.  Right, readers? I mean you're all convinced of the need to have your liberties further curtailed?  

7 : It seems the perpetrator was in the Canadian Military for a short stint- 

"Alek Minassian was voluntarily released from the Canadian Armed Forces after 16 days of training, Sajjan said.
Sajjan also said Minassian was subject to a “rigorous” screening process before he elected to leave the force."

“When it comes to the selection process that the military takes, we go through a very rigorous process in terms of security, medical testing, making sure that the people that are going to be doing the Canadian Armed Forces have been thoroughly screened and in this case, that was done,” the minister said.
Is it being suggested here that Alek was not mentally ill. Or mentally challenged? Or whatever?  Additionally and correct me if I'm mistaken- I thought there were contracts involved in military service. Commitments let's say. Does anyone know?

Military saw no red flags for Toronto attack suspect: Sajjan


CTV’s Mercedes Stephenson says she has learned Alek Minassian was a member of the Canadian Armed Forces for two months, between late August and October, 2017.
“For some reason, he asked to be released and he received a voluntary release, rather than a forced or medical release,” Stephenson told CTV News Channel.
“We don’t know what prompted him to ask for that or why that happened, and we don’t know much more about his training.”

8- The van 'attack' conveniently obfuscates or pushes to the wayside  the sordid/sickening news regarding....

Order of Canada Recipient Peter Dalglish Accused of Abusing Children in Nepal

"A Canadian man who spent decades working with children’s organizations and received the Order of Canada for his global contributions is now locked in a crowded detention cell in Kathmandu accused of having sex with minors.Peter Dalglish, 60, has been a leading international advocate for combatting child poverty. But early on the morning of April 7, police descended on his home in Nepal and took him away at gunpoint. 

At the time of his arrest, two boys − one 12, another 14 − were in the house with him.
Greencrow has written on this topic and has promised to keep an eye on this news, which looks as if it will drop down the memory hole now that Canada has been subjected to the white van/public space attack.


 * Does the alleged perpetrator/patsy have mental health issues ?

* The idea that the van was self driving or being driven, remotely, by some one else has also entered my mind- the technology is available, obviously. 

* It's a mistake to believe that since this hasn't had the terror attack label attached to it, means it's not one.  It is a terror attack if the populace is terrorized- Which it is!
This is indeed an attack undertaken to induce terror. Here's what I said to Northern Truthseeker yesterday-
 Blogger Penny said...there is always something to be gained by these types of attacks even if it is only to terrorize the populace and keep them dependent/complacent and compliant
I'd say the van attack is "mission accomplished" hattip Donald Trump/GW Bush


  1. Penny: Good stuff. Just one thing I disagree on. I'm glad the perp is still alive. The cop did what cops are supposed to do, but seldom do anymore. Dead men can't talk, and I figure that's why they get shot - so that if he was set up, and not just crazy, delusional, the truth remains with whoever groomed him for the job.

    1. Hey YaYaC:

      Agreed the cops did what they should have done, but, I'm so shocked they didn't shoot him dead!
      I think of that young fellow on the bus there in Toronto with his "knife" like some kind of pen knife or something. The police tasered and shot him!

      It adds an interesting perspective to this news-

      The fact that the cop didn't kill the guy, seems possibly to have been done to redeem the cops from there pretty well deserved bad reputation

      However if he's crazy and he starts going all Oswald - ya know, I'm just the patsy then it will all be brushed under the rug- oh the guys delusional etc...

  2. Hi again, Penny. Good thought about the van being possibly remote-controlled. If so, since it's been impounded, I would think that could be discovered. Re Oswald: He wasn't delusional and he didn't want to die. This Toronto kid is in deep mental trouble or else was drugged.

  3. Timed to coincide with the release of the Globe and Mail story about the arrest in Nepal of pedophile "Order of Canada" recipient, Peter Dalglish [IMO, tip of a pedophilia iceberg] . Sure took THAT story off the front pages!

  4. I've added two additional thoughts to the post as to why the police didn't gun him down- one the TO police force tarnished rep
    2; the 'good Canada' vs Bad US gun crazed meme
    I will update again

  5. Updated again- because the G-7 were meeting Toronto when this took place (not the g-8) and in once of those coincidences on the agenda was the issue of soft targets

    " The scene that unfolded on a Toronto street Monday is something straight out of a counter-terrorism officer's worst nightmares.

    Security analysts call them "soft targets" — unsecured public spaces where a lone attacker can do maximum damage.

    Those kinds of scenarios are on the agenda Tuesday for the G7 security ministers meeting in Toronto, along with other recent attacks in public spaces by terrorists."

    That seems to be a strategy very reminiscent of a terror attack to push through new 'anti terror laws'. Here we have CSIS pushing a concern for 'soft target' attacks and on the very day they are raising the issue, in the very city the meeting is taking place what occurs? A soft target attack.
    That is way beyond coincidental in my book

  6. CSIS is at the bottom of every nasty thing that goes on in Canada.

  7. Indeed, I found that whole video of the cop NOT killing the 'murderer/terrorist' weird in the extreme - makes no sense! Apparently, Boris was also in town!

  8. Something I forgot to mention was about the amazing news out of Armenia - the people came onto the streets to protest their president the other day, so eventually he had to resign...you know, the usual, he's corrupt, driven the country right down the tubes etc etc. They'd had enough of him and so out he went. Yesterday's Van Attacker, with an obvious Armenian name, got me thinking... You know how I love those weird connections!
    Some kind of political message - Turkey - Russia - they're all connected states - perhaps?


    1. Marie: I like your thinking ;)

      because the fact that he's alleged to be Armenian caught my eye too.

      I was completely unaware of the news about the Armenian President- it had already occurred to me about the Russian/Turkish/Armenian connection
      Nagorno Karabakh -

      Also there are known Armenian terrorists groups who have operated right here in Canada

      Who not coincidentally have a real tie with the PKK

      So, yes, the fact that he's an Armenian, of all the ethnic backgrounds in the Toronto area is quite, quite... connected to the bigger geopolitical picture

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. https://anca.org/russia-to-establish-joint-air-defense-system-with-armenia/




    4. Gyumri protest

  9. 'Soft targets' have been on the agenda in Toronto for a while. See the recent preparations around Maple Leaf Square/Jurassic Park where they announced closure of Bremner Blvd weeks ago for upcoming games and even strategically parked buses for last years Santa Claus parade. So CSIS talking about 'Soft Targets' is not that unusual.

    Most of the other anomalies you point out are due to terrible journalism and the rush to push out a click bait headline. It tells much about us as a society, that we expect a cop to use deadly force, judge, jury, executioner style and are surprised he when he does not shoot. The suspect showed obvious signs of mental distress, but posed no danger to the cop and so he did not shoot.

    What is more interesting to me is how quickly this story was picked up overseas. Within 90 minutes the story was broadcast on UK/US TV media for example, and the 'terror narrative' began to be spun with comparisons to similar past events in Europe. Those reports were some of the first available online as the Canadian press seemed to be playing catch up all day.

    From what I can see is both the MSM and the 'alternative' media fell into the trap of only being able to understand this incident through the lens of 'Terror'. Even Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale had to define his use of the word 'attack' as a noun and not the verb to stop people panicking.
    Sadly, sometimes really fucked up people do really fucked up things. If we start seeing 'terrorists' everywhere we have truly lost.

    1. "What is more interesting to me is how quickly this story was picked up overseas"

      That's not surprising at all

      I don't see anyone anywhere talking terrorist. So I'm not sure what it is that's given you that idea? The media has been very clear about this not being terrorists- As have all the right people.

      CSIS talking soft targets, at a G-7 meeting, in Toronto, when exactly that type of incident occurs is a bit more then curious.

      Can you provide a link referencing the involvement of CSIS and soft targets in the two toronto locales you refer to?

      "Maple Leaf Square/Jurassic Park where they announced closure of Bremner Blvd weeks ago for upcoming games and even strategically parked buses for last years Santa Claus parade."

      That would be terrific- to read something about the CSIS involvement

      Again, ending on a seeing terrorists everywhere note has just left me wondering where or what you have been reading or listening to?

      When I've seen nothing of the sort- shrugs shoulders

  10. Hi Penny:

    The Driver of the Truck spent two months in the Canadian Armed Forces where he was regarded as a low quality recruit


    Not good enough to send to one of Canada's secret theatres of NATO warfare....but good enough to have what little brain get blown by CSIS 'mentoring' and become a patsy?

    1. I was just coming to update my post with that news thanks GC- curious and curiouser

  11. Penny: A friend of mine in Toronto wrote to me that her husband had noticed that all of the witnesses on CBC TV were "coloured". Not sure what this means, but if a neighbourhood of predominantly brown/black people was selected for this horror, it says something about the attacker or the motives of whoever may have goaded him into it.

    1. YaYaC: The first thing I'd thought about this van attack was the location- in the Jane/Finch area
      low income- lots of public housing- and undoubtedly a pile of recent 'refugees' that Canada has recently brought in- I see news already pushing this as
      Canada's diversity cannot be whatever by this attack- rubbish like that
      Then were getting all this misogynist stuff too

      it's like mass meme implantation

    2. The van attack was not in the Jane/Finch area, Pen.


    3. hey slozo! :

      none of the attack occurred in that general area slozo?

      Because some of the people were reportedly hit in that general vicinity- per media reports- I expect that it went beyond that but that is what was reported... I have to be more specific in my wording, but, it's clear by the route it went beyond that area- additionally, was it correct about the predominance of Iranians in that area covering more then a few neighbourhoods that largely adjoin one another?
      It looked to be from the map I'd left previously-

      I also had a map here posted of the van route.

      YaYaC's friends live in Toronto-
      YaYa is from north of TO. So we may be speaking in generalized terms? I don't know. But I expect her friends are familiar with TO.

  12. I've not drawn a conclusion on this event thus far. That it hasn't been labeled "terrorist" prompts me to hold back. I've downloaded several of the YouTube videos in the event the narrative changes. My only question revolves around the damage to the front of the vehicle. Seems a bit extreme if only hitting human bodies with no blood spatter, clothing ripped and snagged by jagged protrusions within the grill area. Also it coming to a standstill perfectly parallel to the street seems a bit odd. I haven't been able to find a map or diagram showing the van's path or if other more substantial objects were hit.

  13. The lack of any blood splatter or fibers, clothes etc on the van is proof this didn't hit 25 people

    1. I'm actually wondering about that number as well
      10 dead, but, more then 24 hours later we've 3 victims identified- Torontonians

      but one individual who is 'visiting from Jordan' and the Jordanian embassy has verified his presence in Canada- that bothers me...

      But I'm waiting to see who the other six are claimed to be

  14. I've updated the post again- a Link over to Greencrows and her coverage regarding Order of Canada Recipient Peter Dalglish Accused of Abusing Children in Nepal

    I actually think it might be bigger then just himself abusing children- I suspect he's part of a larger pedophile ring... he's well placed to be a key player

  15. Was running a check on how hard the google algorithms are censoring my blog

    Searched: Toronto Van Attack Anomalies in the search
    and my blog didn't show up at all- though NTS blog did, first in the search

    Then searched the specific title as written "Toronto Van "Attack" Anomalies- this blog was on the second page, last item, of my search- considering that was a specific search term- that's pretty bad and demonstrates google is not returning certain search results IMO

  16. Penny, did you see where the Globe listed the names of the injured, and says the guy has been charged with 10 murders and 13 attempted - not 15 as we've been told repeatedly up to now. (I'm a big numbers nut, and I was waiting for this because the incident happened on the 23rd, and 10 dead, 13 injured adds up to 23 victims.)

    They've also stated that he was not previously known to police. That's different from other similar "terror" events.

    An acquaintance of his said that he showed no signs of any kind of extremism. He has Asperger's, which would account for social awkwardness.


  17. Dammit, Penny. The press want us to think they know what they're talking about, but we were told there were 15 injured, then the Globe reports that there were 14 injured:

    Now the Globe is saying that 13 were injured, but if you count the names, there are only 12.

    1. Hey YayaC:

      Yah, the numbers and identities is something I'm going to try to keep an eye on.- I'll check the links and thanks again!

  18. Hi Penny:

    Angirfan did a very interesting post that was up on my favourites blogroll last night but has since disappeared:


    Quite an anomaly, wouldn't you say? The guy arrested was bald as videotaped by a random witness...then this Alek Minassian shows up in court with a full head of hair according to court drawings! When I read the Angirfan post that was it...I concluded and will always conclude that this was a stereotypical false flag. No bouts adoubt it.


    1. Hey GC: I saw the arrest images and the guy was completely bald, but, I have a copy of the head full of hair guy that appeared in court- what's up with that?

  19. I just published a post on my blog re the "bald/full head of hair" anomaly and cited your work in the post.


  20. Counter terrorism "Training Projects" going on for two months prior to the attack.

    1. yah, I listened several times and looked into who this fellow is.. very interesing- wonder who he was involved with in the area for two months doing training exercises?

  21. The updated route of the van turning down an alley and then south on Beecroft ave. conveniently circumnavigated Yonge and Sheppard a far busier intersection where he could have done much more damage. This route also took him away from the front of 4900 Yonge street which is the local office of the Government of Canada and includes an office of the Canadian armed forces. This was the sight of previous knife attack back in 2016.

    1. where might I find the updated route because I had a map linked here-- I'd like to compare