Thursday, April 26, 2018

Toronto Van "Attack"- Facebook's Role in Fake News Media Distribution

Ah, facebook......

Facebook and Intelligence agencies. Intel collection/distribution and Facebook. 
They go together. "Like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong"

As I'd mentioned in the first post covering the numerous anomalies regarding the Van "attack" and the alleged attacker- A Face book post purporting to belong to the attacker was uploaded to Facebook immediately prior to the attack- And conveniently left up just long enough for the msm to distribute a specific narrative far and wide. That specific facebook presented narrative is pretty much all that is left of the news coverage for this incident! The overwhelming majority of so called news article covering this incident are reinforcing the 'incel' meme. 

This is exactly what any intelligence agency planting information on Facebook would expect their mockingbird/co-opted media to do. And this is done to direct the duped masses away from the numerous inconsistencies obvious in this incident.
In other words- this media distraction is the plan!

Greencrow covered  yet another one of the many glaring inconsistencies in her post from yesterday:  Toronto Truck Mass Casualty Event... "Jumps The Shark"?

The bald man arrested vs the man with hair /side part that appeared in court

A courtroom sketch showing duty counsel Georgia Koulis, from left, Alek Minassian, Justice of the Peace Stephen Waisberg, and Crown prosecutor Joe Callaghan in court in Toronto yesterday. Pic: AP

Going back to my previous post:   Flashback : Toronto Van "Attack" Anomolies
"Canadian media outlet CBC News reports that in a Facebook post, Minassian appears to praise Elliot Rodger, a California man who stabbed and killed three people and shot dead another three individuals in a 2014 rampage. However, CBC was unable to verify that the Facebook profile belonged to the suspect in Monday’s attack, and on Tuesday the page appeared to have been removed from the social media network"
PDF- Social Media & US Intelligence
"Another potential value adding implication of intelligence agency use of social media is how journalists at major media outlet utilize this new information source

The news media can serve a “multiplier effect,” a magnifying interface between intelligence agencies and the public. Reporters can also use the content provided on these sites to grow their own knowledge, raise new questions or develop new stories. Jung and Park  have shown that reporters can serve as needed intermediaries between security and intelligence agencies and the general public"
Think about the above information?  A potential value for intelligence agencies is how the journalists at major media outlets will utilize this information. The media can serve up a "multiplier effect". A magnifying interface between intelligence agencies and the public.

  Consider the fact that a convenient, media friendly, titillating narrative was uploaded to facebook for just long enough to enable the msm to distribute it!

Recall from my first post (Toronto Van "Attack" Anomolies) the Toronto Police couldn't even get the suspect name straight? 
 1: Incorrect name- Incorrect identification ? 

The alleged van driver- Alek or Alex Minassian. It seems that the media has settled on Alek. Despite early reporting having police services providing two different names/spellings. 

Which I found very odd. At a time when a proper identification and name spelling is of the utmost importance- Especially when talking to the media!  Eventually they settled on the name you and I are supposed to believe is the correct one. I don't know?  Is it?

Perhaps they settled on the name they did because their just so happened to be a man with nearly the very same name, nearly the same age, who just so happened to live in Richmond Hill. Let's read about him, okay?

The Province

"TORONTO — It was a series of unfortunate events that led to the mixup, and Alex Minassian has spent the last 24 hours trying to set the record straight — he’s not the driver of a van that mowed down pedestrians on a busy Toronto street.

Minassian, 24, shares a last name with 25-year-old Alek Minassian, who is now charged with 10 counts of murder in connection with the incident, which took place Monday afternoon on a busy street in north Toronto. Alek Minassian is also facing 13 counts of attempted murder"
Note to YaYa: There's the 10 and 13 you were speaking of?

Both men are from Richmond Hill, Ont.

Shortly after the van attack, Alex Minassian said he was contacted by several American news outlets that assumed he was the van driver police had taken in to custody.
 Interesting just after the attack occurred Alex Minassian had his facebook page taken down.
Leaving only the facebook page of one Alek Minassian of Richmond Hill, Toronto,
the alleged van attacker as the sole face book page accessible to the msm.

 "It didn’t help that later in the afternoon Facebook shut down Alek Minassian’s profile, leaving just Alex Minassian from Richmond Hill, Ont., on the social media site."

I'm going to repeat that so you can understand that facebook shut his account leaving only the alleged perpetrator's account accessible to the media- I mean, really, that's a spectacular coincidence, right?

"It didn’t help that later in the afternoon Facebook shut down Alek Minassian’s profile, leaving just Alex Minassian from Richmond Hill, Ont., on the social media site"
That's awfully convenient when we think about an intelligence agency planting information for the msm to access in order to create a multiplier effect.
But pay no mind to the curiosities about this incident and by all means allow yourselves to be distracted by the 'incel' meme.  After all sex is a great distractor.


  1. I've given this "event" some study and based solely on the video of the moment of apprehension it was entirely staged. That the video is not one continuous scene is enough. That traffic continues to pass in the street behind along the supposed path of the van, that a group of people non-chalantly pass behind the van while the "showdown" is taking place, that the front of the van has no evidence of impacts on humans (blood, clothing, etc)... enough to say this was a staged (theater) psyop.

  2. What kind of hair growth formula does he use? I'd like to buy some!

  3. Hi Penny...Dwayne makes some good points...particularly the non evidence of blood, etc. on the front of the Ryder truck. Now I am thinking that the policeman who "made the arrest" was an actor. He pointed his gun or a finger at the person who was doing the video. I think he knew that the video was going to capture the phony arrest and ruin the drama of the psyops.

    We need more investigation into the background of the "hero" policeman.

  4. Wow, Penny; you are doing a phenomenal job on this! I watched the so-called takedown video and was very annoyed that we didn't really see a takedown! Now they're showing a cop they say did the takedown and he's being praised for his restraint, but I can't tell if it's the same guy.

    Why would the "investigators" and the media want to give themselves such black eyes over this? Or are there really just not many people able to get past the "incel" myth?

    By the way, thanks for the numbers thing. ;-)

  5. Hi Penny:

    This video just about proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was a hoax. When are the perps going to stop doing False Flag terror attacks in Canada...we just don't seem to be able to pull off a convincing one...and this one is probably the worst!

    1. I am flabbergasted by your use of the term, "beyond a shadow of a doubt".
      I viewed the video, and with all of the different bystander phone videos taken, it seems to confirm for me the exact opposite - that this was a legit insane guy who mowed over a bunch of people.

      That, and everything in the reporting of the incident, to the reason for him doing it, to the very slow release of victims, to the victims themselves . . . I can go point by point.
      (and let me preface this by stating - I am from Toronto, grew up in this exact area, and know it well. And as an aside, a long time ago in a previous life, I had actually met the 'hero' cop who disarms the guy without firing a shot - he does exist, he is a Toronto police officer)

      1) The crazy guy who did this is Armenian - although I had thought it was an Iranian-sounding name at first. Armenians are Christian. Does this fit into any narrative that would want to villify or smear an ethnic group or country? No.

      2) Multiple videos taken by real people.
      Usually, in a fake incident, there are very few to no videos, so that the narrative can be controlled and shaped. This has not happened.

      3) Victim list is random, ethnic, and has old people, no kids.
      This speaks loudly, as in any fake incident, part of the layered effect is to usually insert a victim list that will tug at your heart strings, and involve brave victims who survived and recover miraculously from severe injuries to give out well scripted talks. This has not happened - quite the opposite, in fact . . . two elderly ladies were slain - and again, this makes sense as they would have been less able/agile to evade a speeding truck. Two of the victims are from South Korea, visiting family. Yes, the first victim initially reported was an attractive young woman - but that was who this crazy guy was targetting in the first place, no?

      4) The takedown scene looks real.
      Despite what your commenter Dwayne says here, for me, it confirmed the opposite. Yes, of course traffic was still zipping by on Finch (takedown was on Yonge, on the west side of the street, just south of Finch. I know this without having to look it up) - for the traffic going eastbound, it's a bit of a blind corner, and most people don't notice things around them. The other people walking by in the background react like regular people do in crazy situations they've never experienced before - they slow down and sometimes keep going while in shock, and then seconds later, it hits them what's happening and they slowly react. That is what actually happens in real life, not like in movies - most often, people freeze, or can't process events outside of their own experience. I have firsthand experience of this effect myself, from working in the security industry.

      And to add to this - yes, it's an incredible job by the cop not to shoot. But this my friends is CANADA, not the US . . . to even draw a gun on a suspect is a way bigger deal here. Would I say it's the norm for a cop to be this calm in a highly tense and very dangerous situation like this? No, absolutely not . . . but this cop is amazing, and shows incredible restraint and poise. It's definitely believable - although I must say, I am still amazed by it.

      5) Release of victim names has been slow while they try to maintain privacy, victim families/friends who have spoken have had no agenda, seem legit. Neighbours, coworkers, etc of the perpetrator - all report the same guy, same profile, confirm identity.

      To add,
      When people are run over by a vehicle, they are fully clothed (it was a cool day, just single digits in the pluses), and unless it gets messy and they are dragged or their head is smashed against something . . . there would be a lower expectation of blood. Which by the way was reported at one of the collision scenes, and I thought there was a pic of it but can't remember. Anyways, my point stands on that.


    2. CON'T
      And lastly . . . no agenda, folks!
      What is the agenda, seriously Pen . . . an incel, pro-male meme? How does this crazy guy get guys on his side? Doesn't make a lick of sense as a psy-op at all . . . and it's not on an auspicious date, there's no victim/family member on tv constantly talking about this or that . . . and the only hero so far is a veteran police officer who showed restraint and didn't want to be named (Joe Warmington of the Toronto Sun released his name, because he felt he was truly heroic and showed amazing restraint - but that writer is not a pro-cop guy at all, he's just a beat reporter who does special interest stories).

      If it was about him being a terrorist - not one report has tried to make it about that, although a couple of conservative rags tried and failed to state, "well, shouldn't this be considered terrorism . . .?" It was all quickly shot down. It's not been mentioned ONCE that he's Armenian (again, I had guessed Iranian by name, and only after looking up did I realise my mistake).

      Folks - if it doesn't walk like a duck, or quack like a duck, or fly like a duck . . . it's probably not a duck.

    3. And not so hilariously, at the 6:19 mark of the video you linked to, it DOES show blood beside some discarded clothes. All through the video they say "where's the blood?" but . . . they scan over this one I guess.

      They also make fun of discarded shoes and clothing, as if in a real attack people don't lose their shit to scramble out of the way, and in their haste drop everything. Or things fall off. Or perhaps AFTER the attack while they're being treated, articles of clothing are removed so that standard procedure can be followed by paramedics - which for spinal injuries, includes touching the bottom of your feet to make sure you can sense/feel it, etc.

      Caught another one - 7:29, the video is very shaky as the person is walking, but blood spot and spatter on the ground there too. Real blood looks dark like reddish oil, again, not like in the movies or the Boston bombing (ha ha).

      7:38 - another small trail of blood looks like, although can't be sure.

      And in the video . . . I really shouldn't waste my time on this anymore, but it's really ridiculous . . . they misinterpret a South Korean accent to fit this notion that there were crisis actors. They eyewitness, a young female with a Korean accent, says "there were three people, lying down with blood" after she explains that "a van was coming onto the sidewalk, people were shouting at it to stop, but he didn't" and that he "hit some people".

      So . . . trying to make poor English/grammar with an accent into something it's not. Yes, she uses the phrase "lying down". She saw them "lying down on the ground". After she clearly states that she saw the van hit them.

      And then the video edit person puts in "Where's the blood?" after the cameraman walks onto the EAST side of the street, where the van never went! I mean, I can't make this stuff up, go look at it with a discerning eye yourself!

      But of course, it's easier for me to catch those things I must say, because the whole place is extremely familiar to me, so I don't get disoriented with which side the camera is on, etc - it is very shaky, I get it.

      Brutal video though, that's just garbage in my opinion.

      Pen - would love to see you put a more discerning, investigative eye on this. Go through the usual checkmarks of a false flag or staged event. Look at it with a critical eye, and don't enter it with preconceived notions.

      This is not a psy-ops - at least, not the actual attack (I haven't gone into the Facebook page thing at all yet, but honestly, you kind of contradicted yourself a few times in your post on it). And Facebook pages of family etc are removed for their own safety, btw - that makes sense, to be honest.

    4. Hey Slozo- can you point out the contradictions in that post so I can address them?

      Much appreciated.

      The 'perps' facebook manifesto was uploaded just before the van attack- the other guy who is not related/ not family went down- leaving just the attackers manifesto for the media-

      The manifesto stayed up for a short period, it was unverified of course, as they all are- and then it was gone- just enough time to feed the incel narrative which is all the media is running with.

      I haven't stated that no one died, because I've been following the reports regarding the victims and clearly there are a number of them.

      The use of social media as a tool of the intelligence agencies is a fact- And a widely known and acknowledged one- Here and globally.

      I'll check back for your response and I do appreciate your input. I'd actually hoped you would chime in and give us the TO perspective.


    5. slozo "Armenians are Christian. Does this fit into any narrative that would want to villify or smear an ethnic group or country? No."

      Yes, it does. The Christians are killed and or displaced in that ME/Asia area for an Israel 2.0.
      The Greater Kurdistan I've been writing for years about here-

      Coincidentally, as this van attack took place there was a coup in.... Armenia.

      Armenians have organized terrorist groups that have launched attack previously in Canada

      And Armenia is the location of a frozen conflict that heated up a couple of years back.

      So yes the fact he is Armenian is very timely in the wider geopolitical picture

    6. Pen,
      I respect you immensely, follow your work, know that for the most part you do an excellent job of reporting and research.

      But you're telling me you'd appreciate my response . . . after I just wrote a very very long bunch of commentary, of which 95% of you haven't addressed or responded to. And you want my response after you . . . mention the manifesto, and that FB is an intelligence tool? Seriously?

      Yes, the sky is blue.

      Can you address any of the facts I mentioned now? Because it's clear you haven't re-examined or revisited any of it.

    7. Hi Slozo:

      The response I was looking for was in regard to this question I put forward:

      "Hey Slozo- can you point out the contradictions in that post so I can address them?"

      That can't be addressed unless I know what they are

      Additionally slozo most of your comment was addressed to Greencrow- I've not stated that " no one died" because I believe firmly that people die.

      To me this looks like a strategy of tension operation- And people die in those. Remember my family is from italy, I've read plenty on that as it was carried out in the home of my ancestors- people die.

      "Incel" as psyop is indeed part of this psychological operation/strategy of tension- btw Incel loomed large in yet another attack. It's part of the war on men.

      I addressed the Armenian issue- because Armenia is a 'hot place' and I've mentioned several reasons why. Including the coup occurring on the very same day.

      You also said "And to add to this - yes, it's an incredible job by the cop not to shoot. But this my friends is CANADA, not the US . "

      Sorry slozo, my intent is not to offend here, but..that's a stereotypical view of the good Canada vs bad gun slinging US. I addressed this in the very first post on this very subject

      "The fact that the cop didn't kill the guy, seems possibly to have been done to redeem the cops from there pretty well deserved bad reputation"

      Slozo have you forgotten Sammy Yatin?
      Or the G-20 meeting which saw the Toronto Police brutalize many people.

      coincidentally today that killer cop may get his free pass from jail- good thing that we'll all have the hero cop to wave around right?

      The Toronto Police have earned a deservedly bad reputation- it is in fact very unbelievable that this guy didn't shoot the perp. It still boggles my mind. I find the take down a bit hollywood- lone cop to lone gunman- where was his back up?
      That's not how cops operate.

      I'm applying the same logic to my thought and have read countless news articles to make these posts and this incident is not as billed.
      I'm sorry to say that because I know this took place where you live- and it has undoubtedly caused your and your family a great deal of stress and concern and that's understandable-

      But there is just too much going on that cannot be discounted

      -Armenian perp
      -Armenian coup (with western intervention)
      -convenient facebook manifesto (appearing just in time to be used by the multiplier media

      -the date- 23 April

      -the number dead and injured- 23

      -the social control agendas pushed
      incel and just basic terror ala strategy of tension

      -the wide geo politics of targeting Turkey, Iran and Russia via armenia as another front

      - targeting christians- it's all there

    8. I don't get the Armenian thing . . . for it to be a psyop, don't they have to mention it? When did CBC or CP24 or BBC or anyone mention that the guy was of Armenian descent? I can't find even one instance.

      So it's not being highlighted at all. Which means it's an incidental fact.

      Psyops are designed to imprint an idea, message, way of thinking on the people at large . . . I don't get anything here.

      And you're saying it's targetting Christians . . . again, what religion would he have to be, from what country, for this not to fit a psyop formula for you? He couldn't be muslim (anti-muslim in the middle east wars), can't be christian apparently . . . could he be atheist? Probably not, that would be anti-logic/questioning etc, trying to herd the people towards devisive religions . . . could he be jewish? Ha ha, hell no, I threw that one in for laughs. Could he be Hindu? Nope, that would fit into the propaganda against the Tamil Tigers, demonisation of terrorist groups, etc . . . Buddhist? Hmm, maybe buddhist . . . but not if they were Chinese, that would be an anti China thing.

      I think you get my point. You can just use the fact that it's an Armenian who is Christian, and then tie in the possible agendas to fit the psyop . . . you have to see evidence of those facts being USED as propaganda in psyops form. They would have to be pushed forward as an agenda, highlighted, repeated.

      And I haven't seen any evidence of that. No memes on FB or social media, no highlighting of his ethnic background or religion whatsoever.

    9. The date IS auspicious, I will give you that.

      The cop thing is being highlighted - but I would say . . . as it should be! It's a pretty commendable takedown, and showed incredible restraint.

      Number of dead, combined with injured - you have this incorrect.
      It's 10 dead, 14 injured (both numbers climbed after the initial report, which is standard in these situations)

      Oh, and they rejected the appeal of that cop, he'll serve his time.
      10 + 14 = 24.
      But even if it was 23 . . . that number is never highlighted. Never. Just like the number 24 won't be highlighted. Ever.
      The only number that's been highlighted is 10 dead.

    10. And I have to add something here Pen . . . I was the one who gave you some "inside" info on the G20 summit here, back in the day. When I was working with security/law enforcement.

      For you to say "that's not how cops operate", well . . . what knowledge and firsthand experience do you bring to the table to be able to say such a statement? And just using logic - knowing that all cops, all people don't operate in the same way . . . what good does a vague statement like that do? You can't discount the reality of a takedown, based on that's not how you think it would go down, based on what I would assume is very limited experience (with Toronto Police specifically), and with an agenda to look for.

      I've worked with loads of a-hole cops, they're out there, for sure. But lots of good ones, and many exceptional ones as well. There's a full spectrum.

    11. slozo: I find it hard to believe from a job safety point of view that just one lone police officer is going to apprehend a suspect in the way that apprehension was portrayed- Especially after what this man had just done! Just from a job safety point of view, alone. Why wouldn't it be concern that he'd just drive the van over the officer? It doesn't make sense.

      I have two linked articles here citing the 10 and 13 number


      "Alek Minassian, 25, of Richmond Hill is charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder and 13 counts of attempted murder."

      "10 counts of murder in connection with the incident, which took place Monday afternoon on a busy street in north Toronto. Alek Minassian is also facing 13 counts of attempted murder."

      slozo: "When did CBC or CP24 or BBC or anyone mention that the guy was of Armenian descent? I can't find even one instance."

      If it was never mentioned how would I have known? Where would I have gotten this information? I only use the media as a resource

      "Minassian is a common name in Armenia and Iran." From one of the linked articles

      If you read my comments with Marie in one of the older posts you can see us exchanging commentary regarding his Armenian name...

      I read about it in the media reports Marie recognized the name.

      Here's a report from the gulf media 24 April when all the reporting was fresh

      "Police identified the driver as Alek Minassian, 25, a Christian with an Armenian roots."

      "Canadian media reported that Minassian is of Armenian origin, the vast majority of whom are orthodox Christians. His attack was done in a predominantly Iranian part of Toronto and comes on the anniversary of the Armenian genocide."

      The little tidbit about that being a predominantly Iranian part of TO is interesting- Is that accurate?

      slozo "Oh, and they rejected the appeal of that cop, he'll serve his time."

      I'm glad about that :)

      If it was only the date... I wouldn't be suspecting that this is a strategy of tension type incident...

      But it’s more then the date- and the weird numerology- and the odd take down (which I would like to think is legit, but, am doubtful of) and how it fits into the whole bash on males and general terrorizing of the populace so inherent in a strategy of tension.

      I noticed last nights Toronto vigil- featured the singing of “Oh Canada” Why?
      We sing songs of allegiance to our nation when a crime is committed? Why might that be?
      For a crime that was committed by one individual- Oh Canada? That struck me as very odd.
      Didn't that strike you as odd?


      "The strategy of tension is a method of social control involving a series of covert attacks upon a population, intended to promote stress and fear amongst them. The purpose is, by inducing a mistrust of one another and of the world at large, to increase child-like dependence upon perceived authority figures (such as national governments)"

    13. Penny, I've finally got my post uploaded regarding the numbers of the Van Attack event and incidents of the past several years. It may or may not answer some of the questions above. ;-]

    14. Hey YayaC:
      thanks I'll be over to check it out!

    15. slozo:

      I don't think I was aware at the time of the G-20 that was you? That said, thanks for doing that. I really did appreciate it at the time :)

    16. slozo: if you stop back by here- regarding the neighbourhoods being the ones where Iranians tend to live in Toronto..

      That does look to be accurate for the most part
      I see the Iranian Canadians scattered around in 10 neighbourhoods- in the vicinity of the van attack


    Sorry, forgot the link


  7. Is it a coincidence that an Armenian is blamed for this attack at the same time that the US is trying to regime change Armenia?

    1. Not just the fact he is of Armenian decent, our public officials were commemorating the 103rd anniversary of the Armenian holocaust that day!

    2. By "ours" do you mean Canadian public officials?
      I'm really interested if that was the case?

  8. O/T but good news

  9. The damage to the Van puzzles me. This first videos shows the van driving on the Yonge Street sidewalk at 2 different locations, but it shows no front end damage to the vehicle.

    The second video shows the Van with front end damage. However this van is traveling South, no longer on Yonge Street, but one block West at Beecroft Rd/Sheppherd Ave West, followed by a Police car.

    It appears either the Van took a detour off of Yonge St and was damaged, or possibly there were 2 different Vans?

    1. Hi Unknown- I've watched both clips- It's very clear in the first clip (Yonge street) there is no damage on the front end of the van- traveling on mostly clear area- with the four ways on- I can't be sure what happened to the last pedestrian, but the others moved.
      I used google maps to see where the van is at Beecroft and Sheppherd.

      It's hard to judge without any times for the video clips.. Two vans is an interesting idea.

    2. I see some damage to the van in the first clip myself - again, to state that it is "very clear" is ridiculous, when viewing a security tape of poor quality. But I see the bumper angle is off, and stopping it many times myself, I thought I could catch a couple of different areas of the front that looked damaged. But it's entirely UNCLEAR, is what I would say. What any competent investigator should say.

      FYI as a local - I actually can't place this one, but of note it's definitely not from the area between Yonge/Finch and south a few blocks. Could be in front of Mel Lastman square, which is in front of the North York Public library and offices there.

      2nd clip from that first link - now this 2nd clip clearly shows no damage, and I know exactly where that one is - just 1/2 a block south of Yonge and Finch, on Yonge. And that makes sense in the timeline/version of events, as that would have been the beginning of his rampage, and where the first victim was hit.

      2nd Link
      Thanks for this one, hadn't seen it. Truck clearly damaged, and you are correct on the location, so this fits timeline and adds info for me on where the cops followed and eventually stopped him and apprehended him.

      So . . . why would that indicate in any way a 2nd van? What evidence points to this?

  10. A.M. is of Armenian decent, our public officials were commemorating the 103rd anniversary of the Armenian holocaust that day! The media has not even mentioned that connection, which makes me believe there is something to it.
    I don't believe in coincidences.