Sunday, August 5, 2018

NATO's Dwindling "Peace Dividend"- Cognitive Dissonance is Us

 To use the words NATO and Peace Dividend in the same sentence- let alone the same headline is a clear demonstration of the cognitive dissonance that is rampant in our very sick western society.

NATO and PEACE don't go together. They are not similar.  They are not comparable. They do not have characteristics that are the same. Therefore NATO could not have a peace dividend.

Peace: freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility; freedom from or the cessation of war or violence; mental calm; serenity.

Globe and Mail

Paratroopers of NATO armies take part in "Swift Response 2017" military drill, a part of "Saber Guardian 2017" exercise, at Bezmer airfield, Bulgaria, July 18, 2017.

See NATO paratroopers practicing war. In a drill for war. War is not PEACE. Except for the dead.

"Picking through the avalanche of criticism set off by U.S. President Donald Trump’s diplomatic misadventure through Europe this month, one commentary stands out.

John Kerry – former U.S. secretary of state in the Obama administration – launched a 400-word firebomb on Twitter after Mr. Trump’s inflammatory meetings with North Atlantic Treaty Organization leaders, in which the President demanded immediate increases in military spending and threatened to pull the United States out of the mutual-defence partnership. Mr. Kerry’s summary of what the President is putting at risk hit the nail on its poignant head.

He diminishes alliances we built to safeguard an economic and strategic force that has allowed millions of people to live in freedom,” he said in a letter posted to Twitter"
An alliance built as a economic and strategic force- that helps some people make a whole lot of money! "Allowed millions" of people to live in freedom?- That is, of course, freedom to exploit the multi billions of humanity. Kerry didn't cite tens of millions or hundreds of millions. Just millions. The .001 percent of the global population that constitute the overlord class. Those who have an ANNUAL yearly income of more then 152 million dollars
Those are the millions of people allowed to live in "freedom' by the NATO world order.

"It’s no accident that Mr. Kerry included the word “economic” in describing NATO’s importance. The President’s antipathy toward his NATO allies – his instincts to shift the United States to a more inward-looking, self-interested and increasingly isolated superpower, while openly courting a powerful traditional foe in Russia – has deep economic implications, in addition to the military and political ones"
Kerry used the word economic because that what NATO is about. It is the strong arm of the monopolistic/predatory global capitalist crowd-  

Saying that as a person who is not opposed to  the idea of capitalism - Local business grow local economies. The farmer who sells his crop is a capitalist. 

But not on the NATO/global scale of capitalism- for multinational conglomerates to control everything- shut down competitors and kill those who dare not comply!

The world order that emerged from the solidarity of NATO’s collection of Western industrial powers, coupled with the collapse of Eastern European communism and the end of the Cold War, fostered a rare global stability that allowed an increasingly internationalized economy to flourish, while reducing the financial burden of increasing militarization. It’s what economists and political leaders referred to hopefully as the “peace dividend” in the early post-Cold War days of the 1990s. It has become so ingrained in the global economy as to be largely taken for granted.
“The benefits of the core logic of NATO are enormous,” says Michael O’Hanlon, senior fellow in foreign policy at the Brookings Institution, a Washington-based think tank. “A world order where two-thirds of world GDP is at least loosely organized in what you might call a Western coalition – this is very stabilizing and very good for economic growth and for international stability writ large, compared with any other model we’ve seen in history. That really is the point on which we should always begin these discussions.
“In that sense, NATO is a fantastic bargain,” he says.
"NATO is a fantastic bargain"- Sure if you're in the overlord class. To everyone else?
Not such a fantastic bargain.

Many economists argue that defence is not a particularly productive use of money in an economy; reducing military spending allows more efficient allocation of those resources, finding its way into investment alternatives that can expand economic capacity and improve productivity.

Certainly, the slowdown in military spending after the Cold War coincided with the longest postwar economic expansion in history...
Speaks volumes to the fact that military spending is a completely unproductive use of capital and resources .


  1. Dear Penny! You speak as though Peace is the normal condition and war is unnatural. I wish that were so, but I'm no longer sure. This spirit of cooperation that rational people seek is an unrealistic fantasy. Peace and stability are conditions that exist temporarily between conflicts. Our leaders are all alpha types playing a global game of "king of the hill". Vying for position in the pecking order of things. The masses are the pawns in the game. This is the matrix we find ourselves in. Killing the ego is the equivalent of unplugging from the machine. Personally, I don't want to be part of this "herd mentality". Society is a fancy name for prison. Excellent article as always. thank you for your hard work.

    1. Hi RP:

      I'm actually of the mind that most people don't want to fight wars- that's why the masses are always so heavily manipulated into doing just that.

      I'm always hoping people realize that leaders only lead us to do what they want done.

      RP; I share your desire to not be a part of the herd mentality- that's why I'm here- as much as possible

      Thank you for reading

      I've been busy because we have a garden-
      so I freezing zucchini, tomatoes we also grow herbs so I'm always drying stuff to put away

      so much to do- but at least I KNOW a good portion of my food is clean. no toxins and prepared by yours truly

  2. It was 115 degrees here today. In my location, I couldn't grow weeds if I wanted to. I've tried. Miniature fruit trees all burned up! UV Index here is deadly. I have two shade trees imported to the US from the Middle East that actually likes our weather and a large number of oleanders growing to block the wind and provide a little privacy.

    I am old so I have been eating toxic garbage my whole life! I have also been breathing pollution for 60 years or so! I smelled fresh air a few times and noticed it smelled "different". I am proof that animals adapt to their environments. I am jealous of your zucchini and tomatoes! Congrats on your garden! :-) I am not blogging currently, having eye surgery this month to get my sight back hopefully. Cataracts have gotten bad. Should be back writing by the first of September. I am keeping up on everyone's posts so far! Sorry for the long comment. Just a lonely old man boring as hell!