Friday, December 28, 2018

Syrian regime, Turkey, maneuver to take key Syrian city .....

Interesting headline from Jerusalem Post...Syrian regime, Turkey, maneuver to take key Syrian city .....

What caught my eye was the word maneuver
Maneuver defined: 

Ya see, I believe, because it is the most likely scenario that Turkey and Syria have been coordinating through Russia...

Even if I hadn't suspected that since last month (and longer)
In November that concept was written about( last time in the post relinked below)

 Russian spokesperson.. Maria Zakharova: Russia coordinates Syria policies with Turkey
made it clear because she clearly stated it!
Speaking at a news conference in Moscow, she said: "We closely coordinate our views and the implementation of a concrete policy in Syria with our Turkish colleagues, both in foreign policy and in military counter-terrorism operations on the ground," 
 Closely coordinating. In implementing concrete policy. With our Turkish colleagues. 
In other words they are maneuvering. Just like JP's headline is stating.

Some interesting statements in the article:

"Ankara said that “once terrorist organizations leave northern Syria, Turkey will have nothing to do there.”

Turkey has supported the Syrian rebels,  wants to work closely with Russia because it has a pipeline collaboration in the works with Moscow as well as an S-400 air defense system

In addition Turkey, Russia and Iran are working on a Syrian constitutional committee and they want to meet again in Astana or Sochi in the new year. 

Turkey and Russian signed a ceasefire deal in Idlib in northern Syria in September, showing that Turkey and Russia can work closely together on Syrian issues. 

The Syrian government move to take areas around Manbij is only the beginning of the struggle for eastern Syria. The US had not withdrawn.  
This is a large area and the Syrian regime has only grabbed a dozen kilometers or more
 All of Manbij has not been taken. I'm not even certain that it has been entered, properly. Though it's very clear SAA is outside of Manbij, as they have been for at least two years now. French forces are still present. Undoubtedly Americans are as well.
Which suggests to us the Usrael Kurds are still in place. This is not over yet. And might take a turn for the worse, though I hope that is not the case.

It also seems to me there are plenty of wild claims being made.. 

Yes, I'm aware of the news from SANA... however that could be for domestic consumption.
It's just too up in the air to tell at this point. Keep in mind that this could turn bad very quickly.
Doing my best to stay on top of the news- Also keep an eye on the east- There has been movement in that area as well

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  1. Thanks for this update, Penny. You're right about things perhaps sliding sideways...Turkey is walking a very fine line/ per usual. Russia has no doubt predicated the delivery of the S-400 on the removal of Turkish forces from Syria.