Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Corbett Report: Green Reaper Demands You Sacrifice The Children To the Cult

James Corbett's latest video is a demonstration of the insanity inherent in the vile carbon cult.
The two women on BBC are either incredible actors, insane or are totally mind controlled.
As a person who spends lots and lots and lots of times outdoors the abundance  on our planet is apparent. The yearly renewal brought to us every spring. Thanks to all the carbon available for the plants to grow, green and flourish. Including my vegetable garden. Those same trees and plants then sustain all that lives, including us. And our children.

There is something extremely sick in the promotion of AGW and carbon as a poison rather then the basis of all life on this planet. (Carbon is a key component of all known life on Earth)
Carbon is the 15th most abundant element in the Earth's crust, and the fourth most abundant element in the universe by mass after hydrogen, helium, and oxygen. Carbon's abundance, its unique diversity of organic compounds, and its unusual ability to form polymers at the temperatures commonly encountered on Earth enables this element to serve as a common element of all known life. It is the second most abundant element in the human body by mass (about 18.5%) after oxygen.
Where does a tree get it's mass? Carbon.

Keeling Curve 

Carbon Dioxide Use in Greenhouse to increase crop production
"Carbon dioxide (CO2) is an essential component of photosynthesis (also called carbon assimilation). Photosynthesis is a chemical process that uses light energy to convert CO2 and water into sugars in green plants. These sugars are then used for growth within the plant, through respiration. The difference between the rate of photosynthesis and the rate of respiration is the basis for dry-matter accumulation (growth) in the plant. In greenhouse production the aim of all growers is to increase dry-matter content and economically optimize crop yield. CO2 increases productivity through improved plant growth and vigour. Some ways in which productivity is increased by CO2 include earlier flowering, higher fruit yields, reduced bud abortion in roses, improved stem strength and flower size. Growers should regard CO2 as a nutrient."
 I've said it before and I'll say it again. The entire AGW concept, as commonly promoted, is pushing a death cult. At it's core it is anti life. Wake up to this FACT.

A Green Reaper? Exploding children? "Climate grief" "Birth Strikes" Fear the Green Reaper and keep your kids away from the carbon cult,  it's followers & promoters. They are evil. 

Corbett Report 


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Overcoming Learned Helplessness
 Learned Helplessness- Please do overcome it. The world will be a better place if each of us try to do that.

Learned helplessness looms large in green propaganda. The heavy handed green indoctrination is designed to make you feel helpless, hopeless and thereby compliant. Like the two interviewees on the BBC- Their mind control is blatantly obvious. They are tortured.

 Consider this my screaming, my raging, at the evil anti human/anti life agenda being promoted by this mind control, learned helplessness cult and it's adherents/promoters. All of you!


  1. I watched "The Corbett Report", and I've bookmarked the six part series, "The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg". I had not heard of her until just a couple of days ago. I had planned on ignoring the latest BS (I knew she was manufactured just like that kid who supposedly defied his parents so as to be vaccinated).

  2. She's as manufactured as Malala and the girl from Aleppo and do you notice a trend - young girls manipulated.
    Girls used as props.
    Where are all the women power people, people?
    Oh, right-- to busy being duped into believing
    Malala and Greta are actually "powerful" when they are the public props for a powerful agenda pushed by powerful people.

    I missed the kid who defied the parents to be vaccinated.. thankfully!

    Even I get disgusted with the non stop psyops that pass as reality!

    btw Gwen: Hope you are good and all is well

    As for warming- Not 'round these parts- same as has been the case for several years.. Just over a week till spring and it's cold- Just a little above freezing but still below seasonal norms-

    Snow on the ground.

  3. As you may remember, we moved back to Ohio early last year to take care of elderly fathers. My father-in-law died in mid-October and my dad died in late October. So, we've been dealing with the losses, but also the stuff involved with settling an estate x 2! Otherwise we are well, and thank you for asking.

    I kept my comment short regarding the video and the linked expose. I had a whole rant going in my head, but I'll leave it with an excerpt from a commenter at the video. He said,
    "Most people now operate at a Kindergarten approach to Life regardless of age or experience. History is being rewritten and younger generations will never know."

    I'll add something I just thought of. My son is 14 and has a group of kids that range in age from 12 to 15 or 16 as friends. He told me that none of them buy into the stuff they're being sold like climate change (among other big lies we've been told).

    1. "Most people now operate at a Kindergarten approach to Life regardless of age or experience. History is being rewritten and younger generations will never know."

      It's a good comment- Hubby told me about a guy at work- he'd seen a video that was supposed to be a Columbian drug cartel killing- but it was Buddhist Sky burial

      He accepted the bogus video without question as a "brutal" Columbian drug cartel killing

      This same guy repeats the 'anti vaxxer' meme likes it some kind of mantra

      Oh those dam anti vaxxers
      this and that- without explanation as to why he's even saying it

      It's the Kindergarten approach of repetition and rote without question that does indeed seem to be the level at which most people operate.

      Repeat, regurgitate, but don't think

      Glad your son and friends don't believe the AGW lie.
      It gives me some hope :)

  4. Hey Penny: Well, that's a first. I now have a text file on my desk labeled "Penny's List". And also to know I'm not the only Malala skeptic.

    Kids are savvy these days. My daughter is better at raising kids than I could ever have hoped to be, and they're not vaccinated. I'm just lucky there weren't so many vaccines when my own kids were young. And there were hardly any when I was young, so I've had very little junk pumped into my system, and maybe that's why I'm so generally healthy. Whenever I feel rotten, I say, "This too shall pass" and by golly it does.

    Have to go now and watch the Corbett video. My fingers are crossed that I won't be presented with 15 captchas, and end up giving up. Google doesn't like me one bit.

    1. Hey YaYa!
      I've always been skeptical of Malala
      too packaged
      too conveniently timed
      To much like a mascot.
      (If I can see Ronald McDonald and product promotion I'm a skeptic)
      The Corbett video is excellent

      as for vaccines when younger- you're right we hardly got any- I had the measles and the chicken pox
      In fact when I brought chicken pox home,from where ever, all 4 of my other sibs got them within a week.

      That's just the way it was.

      I know what you mean about the 'this to shall pass'
      This is my best week since the flu- It passed

  5. Oh, I'm so glad you're feeling better! I don't know how you managed to continue working so hard on the blog through all that.

    Yeah, chicken pox; no big deal,eh? Both my kids had them, and my daughter's whole family had them, and nobody panicked.

    I hate to brag, but I never had any of the childhood diseases. Kids at school got stuff and they got better; end of story. I was jealous because they had a vacation from school. Now everybody's scared to death, which proves your point about mental conditioning.

    1. Our daughter had chicken pox as well- she didn't feel well and then got better- not an issue.

      You must have a terrific immune system to have not gotten one of the childhood diseases- notice we both used the term 'child hood disease' cause that was the norm. The usual. The commonplace.

      And yes, the learned helplessness mental conditioning, fear porn, delivered by the media is so apparent when it comes to these common place child hood diseases that would have never, ever made the news previously.