Friday, April 19, 2019

Ex/Stink/Shun Rebellion. The Cult

Specifically the cult for children. Shun that thoroughly stinking rebellion.

Extinction Rebellion. What's this about?

I’ve been seeing and reading all about this alleged ‘youthful” rebellion. Started by a middle age woman, of course.  Dr. Karen Bradbrook- Born in 1972 . Making her 47 years old. Hardly a young waif. 

Gail Bradbrook started Compassionate Revolution[10][11][12] which morphed into Rising Up!, and then rebranded itself into Extinction Rebellion (XR)

She’s clearly made “protesting” her life’s work... ‘Cept I wasn’t under the impression protesting was profitable. Unless it was the “right kind” of protesting. By that I mean, acceptable to the planetary overlords.

Check some of the Macabre Imagery Employed by the Cult that also Employs Death Ins..

An hour glass- Counting down to our extinction. These “Death Ins”? Did some PR firm create that ploy as a type of extreme attention grabbing theatrics? I'm sure that's exactly how the 'death in' came to be. 
  Worse still is that these brainwashed youth might just be willing to fight and die to "stop climate change"after much perception managing encouragement, of course.
 By that I mean wage global war- They will of course ignore all the fossil fuel that will be used to wage that mass killing spree, but, judging by the heavy indoctrination these young minds are exposed to the 'carbon foot print' of a global war will be worth dying for the cause.

Not a coincidence the article-  Pre-Emptive War on China, Russia, India as the ONLY Solution to Climate Change?, was published (April 10/2015)  just as the 'extinction rebellion' was kicking off it's mass protests, mostly in the UK.
“The cultish nature of XR’s activities is a little spooky. Staged environmental die-ins, for example, are all too reminiscent of Jonestown-style nightmare scenarios described by Shiva Naipaul as being ‘obsessed with sin and images of apocalyptic destruction… instinctively thinking in terms of the saved and the damned’”
Excerpt above from the article linked below:

Extinction Rebellion: the new millenarian cult

There is something spooky about these bourgeois rioters.
bourgeois: a sociologically defined class, especially in contemporary times, referring to people with a certain cultural and financial capital belonging to the middle or upper middle class

Flashback: Self Loathing Humans Need Not Apply- Humans are Not A Cancer on the Planet

self loathing human beings pictured

"XR campaigners are no radical opponents of the state, and seem to enjoy a rather cosy working relationship with the authorities.
Environment secretary Michael Gove has thanked the campaigners, saying ‘we’ve got the message’.

London mayor Sadiq Khan has pleaded with the protesters to ‘work with us – the police, TFL – to ensure your safety

Some might try to make comparisons between XR and the gilets jaunes. Admittedly, one unofficial gilets jaunes environmental manifesto calls to ban plastic bottles and GM crops, but these minor points are overshadowed by the movement’s progressive demand to reindustrialise. Most importantly, they want to confront the authorities in France, and many of them want to leave the EU and exit NATO. The gilets jaunes are a radical, anti-state, politically progressive movement – even though they are relatively small in number.
Gilet Jaunes are being gassed. Regularly. Losing Eyes and Hands. Regularly. France is enacting new tyrannical laws to repress them.  Nothing of that sort is happening to"extinction rebellion" who are instead enjoying a cozy relationship with politicians. And big money philanthropist backers (we will get to that)

Appearing on Good Morning Britain this week, fighting back the tears, Dr Bradbrook said: ‘I have two boys, 10 and 13, and they won’t have enough food to eat in a few years.’ Is there any rationale for that idiotic claim? Has she lost her job? Has global food production closed down? Or is she simply offering an ecological version of
Project Fear?"
She’s obviously “offering up an ecological version of Project Fear”- Food production is fine. And this highly paid “protestor” can plant a garden and tend to it herself if she’s truly concerned about feeding her sons- Her statements are garbage. Nonsense. Simply made to induce fear in the gullible masses. What happened to the day’s of the “Victory Gardens” in England. The US. Canada. And other nations.

Sow seeds people
 When people had fortitude and character.  When people didn't look to the "state" to save their sorry asses. Now most people just appear silly & child like. Dr Bradbrook being the queen of that child like foolishness. Making absurd statements to sow fear. Is this what we’ve allowed ourselves to be reduced to? She should have been laughed right out of the studio. The fact that she wasn’t tells me all I need to understand about the agenda being pushed.
"The second important factor is the elevation of children in the environmentalist movement. As Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg becomes more god-like (she was recently blessed by the pope) so children’s authority on the environment issue has risen. This elevated status has enabled children to dictate the terms of debate, with adults often taking their lead from youngsters who have grown up immersed in environmental politics. Thunberg instructs us to stop talking about Brexit and focus on climate breakdown. We must obey.

Increasingly, those who should know better are awed by childish naiveté. Ed Miliband attended the environmental school strike with his son, while the mayor of Sheffield is reported to have said, ‘It’s as simple as action or extinction… [These students] are literally saving our bloody planet.’ Children flouting the rules and, in return, having their transgressions ignored by the authorities, sets a precedent for yet more moral nihilism"
Flashback: Corbett Report: Green Reaper Demands You Sacrifice The Children To the Cult
"The police absented themselves as youngsters with grievances rampaged through the streets of Tottenham and Wood Green, damaging vehicles and ransacking shops. It spread across London. And for 36 hours criminality seemed untouchable. One rioter claimed, ‘We’re showing the rich people we can do what we want’.

The middle classes were terrified, of course. But, in these XR protests, a more jovial version of rioting has been invented, in which rioters have been redefined as protesters or campaigners. Activists are casually spraypainting buildings with impunity, disrupting traffic and undermining the workings of businesses. The police are displaying the same timidity that they did back in Tottenham, watching while protesters run amok. (This must come as a shock to militant activists who remember the days when you could be arrested and beaten up for an ‘unlawful assembly’ of 12 or more people on the street.)"
 It’s detestable when children are used as props. No decent parent should stand for that type of abuse. And yet they do. We’ve had so many child props for so long now as a group we’ve lost our understanding of how harmful this can be to the immature/undeveloped mind.
 When the Aleppo girl was being used to push pro war propaganda the alt media was aghast but when Greta Thunberg is dragged around like a braided talking doll, the mindless media cheers? Especially the alt media? What gives?! It displays such hypocrisy.
 What also strikes me as simply amazing is that this “rebellion” has garnered massive global media attention in just 6 short months! Obviously the media is delivering us some message that the masters of the universe simply feel we must be bashed in the head with until we are as dazed and confused as they like us all to be.

“The Guardian can now gleefully describe Marble Arch, Waterloo Bridge, Parliament Square and Oxford Circus as ‘under the control of protesters’. Actress, ‘environmental activist’ and national treasure Emma Thompson has called for international rebellion (and ‘a lot of fun’). Former archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams has confessed our sins of loving ‘progress more than the planet’. And George Monbiot, of course, has advocated that we ‘overthrow our life-denying system’. Welcome to the London riots for the bourgeoisie”

Over the past couple of years, a large percentage of the country has rejected demands for citizens’ juries to resolve Brexit, because there is a justifiable suspicion that the questions the jurors would get to consider would be loaded. Undeterred, XR demands the formation of citizens’ juries to discuss, debate and resolve the alleged climate emergency. But for XR, the climate debate is over. These would be less citizens’ juries and more Diplock courts.

While the activists of Extinction Rebellion recognise that the current ‘social contract’ has been broken, they fail to see that it is people like them who helped break it.
The Extinction Rebellion leaders: Jet-setter Robin Boardman, a Buddhist teacher and a yoga instructor
"But while Mr Boardman-Pattinson rallies against climate change, he has taken at least three skiing holidays in recent years, and has posed for photographs in front of the leaning tower of Pisa. He was unavailable for comment"
You may have seen him in the video from SkyNews- If not look it up.

Forbes covered "extinction rebellion"
Yes, Forbes.
The movement has raised over £200,000 in less than a year, much of which has come in micro-donations from members of the public. Within their donations, however, lie some philanthropists giving thousands, corporate funders such as the LUSH Charity Pot and European Foundations such as the Guerrilla Foundation.

Check out  just one member of the Guerilla Foundation "team". Be sure to check the link for info on other members

Antonis Schwarz is an activist and philanthropist of Greek-German origin and driven by the ideas laid out in the Guerrilla Foundation’s mission. He has used his inherited wealth to support a variety of social causes since 2011.
As an impact investor, Antonis has invested in Bonventure, Goodwell, Sun Funder, Patamar Capital, African Clean Energy, Awamo, the Media Development Investment FundKois Invest, Circularity Capital and the Social Venture Fund. He also is a MCE Social Capital double-guarantor. Antonis co-founded Vouliwatch, a Greek parliamentary monitoring organization that aims to increase political accountability
There are other philanthropic groups funding/connected to extinction rebellion also. 
One I came across was: The Climate Mobilization- Advisory Board

Jamila Raqib
Jamila Raqib
Executive Director of Albert Einstein Institute
Raqib has worked with Dr. Gene Sharp....(now deceased)
Albert Einstein Institute. Gene Sharp. Oh so familiar.. 
He's been covered here on more then one occasion. His books/pamphlets magically appear at strategic government overthrows. And here we have a Gene Sharp style protest in the UK- from a group with ties to an NGO- with links to the Albert Einstein Institute. What are the odds?

Coincidentally, but not likely, the ER rebellion coincides with David  Attenborough, that is "Sir David Attenborough" latest Climate Change Tell- a - vision (mass mind programming) for the BBC is called a "Climate Change Call to Arms
Climate Change - The Facts, shown on BBC One on Thursday, was a "rousing call to arms", said the Guardian.
Sir David, 92, has called global warming "our greatest threat in thousands of years".
Today, April 19/19- Spring a month in already... NO leaves on the trees. The temperature is sitting at 6 C or 43F. Went out for lunch today in Port Colborne- the Lake is still filled with ice.
The canal is filled with ice. I saw it for myself! So did my husband.

 Here's an image of an old Seaway/Welland Canal bridge being dismantled and towed on a barge to a scrap yard just a couple of days ago. Pay attention to the ice filled canal at the point it meets Lake Erie. If it had been warm there wouldn't be the abundance of ice you are seeing in the image below. But it's been a cold March and a cold April-

Welland Tribune; Forks Road Bridge

Cold is the absence of heat


  1. I'm taking a break. Hubby has some time off and so do I.
    Happy Easter or Buona Pasqua (as my dad would say)
    Don't eat too much chocolate and get outside!!

  2. Good day all
    I've added additional information to the post.
    More links etc.,

    By all appearances the extinction revolution has some very suspect ties to power. and the manipulators of the masses on behalf of the powers that shouldn't be.

    We appear to have a George Soros wanna be
    and Gene sharp mixed into this whole thing
    the approval of politicians galore and the rather low key response by law enforcement- nothing like the yellow vests..

  3. Emma Thompson: very disappointing. She also travelled by plane to protest plane travel.

    What do these people use for noodles? Thompson should stick to movie acting; she's good at that. Climate acting: not believable at all.

    1. Travel by plane. Travel everywhere. Build extravagant homes while preaching austerity to the masses. They are such hypocrites and yet most people fail to see the hypocrisy, actually making excuses for them.

      I question what most people are using for noodles. One thing I'm sure of they aren't taking any actual clues from actual real nature

  4. Hi Penny.

    After reading your article, I cannot help thinking of this prophecy from Isaiah in the Holy Bible:
    Isaiah 3:1-5 (KJV)

    1 For, behold, the Lord, the Lord of hosts,
    doth take away from Jerusalem and from Judah the stay and the staff,
    the whole stay of bread, and the whole stay of water,
    2 The mighty man, and the man of war,
    the judge, and the prophet, and the prudent, and the ancient,
    3 The captain of fifty, and the honourable man,
    and the counsellor, and the cunning artificer, and the eloquent orator.
    4 And I will give children to be their princes,
    and babes shall rule over them.
    5 And the people shall be oppressed, every one by another, and every one by his neighbour:
    the child shall behave himself proudly against the ancient,
    and the base against the honourable.

    One may say it was directed at ancient Israel, and so it was -- then. But remembering that the word of God is for ALL TIME, and remembering that now God's people are called "Christians" (not Jews), we have to seriously consider this prophecy.

    Why did God pronounce this evil against ancient Israel? Because they had forsaken the Lord, and followed other gods of their own making. What have the major majority of Christians done in the last century or so? THE SAME THING!

    And God is NOT pleased.

    Some dismiss the bible as an ancient book no longer valid for this day and age, but IS IT? When we see its prophecies coming to pass right before our very eyes?

    As per your quote up top: "What is a lie? It is to say what is real is not real. It is to deny the existence of what exists." God is real. God exists. And his righteous judgment is upon our wicked world.

    1. Hi CW:

      "4 And I will give children to be their princes,
      and babes shall rule over them.

      5 And the people shall be oppressed, every one by another, and every one by his neighbour:
      the child shall behave himself proudly against the ancient,and the base against the honourable."

      If I'm understanding this text correctly, this is not the case- What's going on with the Ex/stink/shun is yet another elite backed colour revolution type of scam.

      It's too many NGO's and the venture capitalists manipulating children in order to manipulate adults in order to advance their agendas.

  5. Thanks for this update on yet another "revolutionary" movement, i.e. a fake intelligence project furthering the aims of our crazy Oligarchic overlords.

    " Dr. Karen Bradbrook- Born in 1972 . Making her 47 years old."

    That contains all the classic markers of a spook job.

    1. Yes, she's "interesting" and highly suspicious.
      It looks to me like just some version of a "colour revolution" A psyop? Whatever one wishes to call it?

      It's interesting also that 'white people' don't see themselves as being targeted by this idiocy, thought most of the faces of the gullible are white.

      I'm taking this off topic a bit, but do think this kind of stuff shows how clueless the 'whites' are.

      Thinking only blacks or brown people have been targeted by such psyops- everyone is a target

    2. Yup; I think the "war on carbon" nonsense targets every peon, regardless of colour or creed. Gad knows their endgame -- deindustrialization?

      But "whitey" or European Christians are definitely being targetted for the Kalergi Plan; they just don't see it and continue to believe everything the mainstream tells 'em.


    Pardon the source, but as they say even stopped clocks are right twice a day

    1. Hi majestika

      Yah stopped clocks are right twice a day!
      And these protestors are deranged. Because they've been deranged.

      Was watching some footage of the yellow vest protest vs the climate protests

      In France the law enforcement was heavily militarized
      tear gas/ water cannons were out-

      In the Uk- the law enforcement was not militarized- wearing short sleeve shirts and caps (jackets)
      no body armour- caps. No batons and shields

      They weren't shooting people with rubber bullets and tear gas grenades- The military wasn't out.

      Rather in UK they were gingerly lifting people out of the way..

      the difference was stark

      extinction protests

      or yellow vests

      happened to watch some tv coverage of both protests- clearly the extinction protest is sanctioned with that actress Emma Thompson participating too

      I'm off to read the link. With much thanks majestika :)

  7. Hmm, Common Purpose...

    1. Scanned through and will read more thoroughly in short order, but, so far... very interesting.

    2. btw: I posted that link thanks!

  8. George Monbiot, columnist at the Guardian, was one of the speakers at the Declaration of Extinction Rebellion event.
    That alone should send a red flag flying but no, he was cheered along by the adoring crowd who seemed oblivious of his brazen adherence to the United Nations Agendas 21 & 2030 in everything he writes.

    George Moonbat- He's a useful idiot IMO
    that's a good read btw