Monday, May 13, 2019

Ontario: Widespread rain, risk of snow on Monday- Where’s the warming?

Ontario: Widespread rain, risk of snow on Monday- Where’s the warming?

It isn’t here. Over all it isn't in the northern hemisphere, either. And, yes, that’s right. Risk of snow in Ontario, Canada, this week Mid may.
"There is a risk for snowflakes Monday morning for some parts of southern Ontario, as temperatures remain below seasonal

Below-seasonal temperatures are widespread across southern Ontario, thanks to easterly winds blowing across Lake Ontario and Lake Erie.
Indeed, easterly winds. I can attest to that. Easterly winds and below seasonal temps. All in all we’ve had a handful of days that have been around the normal “seasonal” temp this entire spring.
Most of southern Ontario is typically around 16°C ( I’d say more typical is 22C) at this time of year, but Windsor through east of the GTA will be up to 10 degrees below seasonal. Meanwhile northern Ontario will enjoy temperatures that are closer to seasonal on Monday and will be 10°C warmer than the GTA. 
 And non stop rain. Last week I turned the furnace down, foolishly. Yesterday, I turned it up because it was so cold and damp in the house it was uncomfortable and yes we were wearing an extra layer of clothing.

Water levels in Lake Ontario have topped 75 metres and are currently sitting at 75.55 m -- about 30 cm shy of the severe flooding levels that swamped the Toronto Islands in 2017.

The body responsible for regulating flow from the lake -- the International Lake Ontario – St. Lawrence River Board -- expects water levels to continue rising until late May or early June, and puts the forecast peak somewhere between 75.65 to 75.95 metres. That would top 2017's record levels by about two centimetres.

"Water levels will continue to rise about a centimetre every single day," warns Weather Network meteorologist Tyler Hamilton.

Yes, the lake levels are up
- Melting snow
- Lots of rain
- No Sunshine to cause evaporation
- No HEAT to cause evaporation

Solar Energy and the Water Cycle

Geofish: How to live with no warmth

The Grand Oscillation is upon us.  That's when the oceans decide to shift all the heat to the Southern Hemisphere, instead of us.  Although you think it is cold now, wait until next year.  Colder and colder is our future.
Look to the right- I've left the post Changes in ocean 'conveyor belt' foretold abrupt climate changes by four centuries  there for a reason.....

Monthly Global Temps- Geofish, again

We have global warming again!  But wait, why does it feel so cold?  Is there a problem here?

Yes, the northern mid-latitudes (us suckers) are down, and it's Spring!

Look at the chart- It's showing Northern mid latitude tempertures very clearly down- and moving downward

"So, what to do, what to do...   This is merely a shift in latitude.  We, in Toronto, will be more like Northern Sweden, and they will be the north pole.  Plant everything in poly tunnels.

Have nice indoor hobbies, like growing magic mushrooms.  Use blue light to wake up in the morning.  Use grow lights for your cannabis.  Laugh at people worried about carbon dioxide.  We can survive this"
Geofish recommends using poly tunnels to garden- This is something we are definitely going to have to consider... because the past several years have brought us a shorter growing season. And this year is looking to be the worst still. Where is the “global warming”? Why hasn’t carbon dioxide warmed us as claimed.? Of course when “global warming” failed to appear the mythos was rebranded to “climate change”. News flash the climate always changes. It would be absolutely absurd to believe anything other then that reality.

Yaya’s been doing some really great reports on the CO2 scam

Sun, not C02, driving "Climate Change"?

One of my favourite links contained within the above report. And there is so much good information to avail oneself of.

PREPRINT: A Fatal Flaw in Global Warming Science

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) climate theory assumes nature is constant. This assumption forces IPCC’s invalid claim that human emissions have caused all the increase in atmospheric CO2 above 280 ppm. IPCC’s argument to support its failed theory also fails logic because the argument itself assumes nature is constant.

Nature is not a constant. Never has been. Never will be. If one starts with a false premise as a basis of a theory.. All that follows afterwards will be flawed. That's just the way it is

Who are the real friends of science?-Yaya's

Speaking of kids: Friends of Science tells a story about Greta and friends that you're unlikely to readily find in the corporate media, and it answers my question as to who provided those marching kids with their very professional-looking banners. "WDHT - We Don't Have Time" is a booming business:

Greta, Inc. (April 2019):

  • WDHT is half climate campaigner, half tech start-up. Launched on Earth Day, 2018, WDHT soon attracted 435 investors who now own 75% of its stock. WDHT currently claims 718,000 member/followers.
  • Rentzhog’s forte is utilizing all manner of social media to spread messages. Interviewed in a business zine he declared: “our goal is to be the biggest player on the internet.” WDHT sells carbon offsets; provides internet advertising services for sustainable development firms; and prepares climate ratings on businesses and politicians. WDHT’s board includes directors connected to Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft.
Greta and the Green Blob (that's the green of money that supports fake environmentalism which masks tyranny and birth to death control)


The fake progressive crowd have no problem with child exploitation when it suits an agenda they believe is their own.


  1. Where's the warming? Out here in BC. We've had record temperatures for this time of year over the past week. But rain is supposed to cool things off tomorrow. Cheers.


  2. That's not global warming That's localized warming.
    I'm suspecting ocean currents may be in play.
    Not global though cause we are below normal temps here in Ontario.
    And have been this entire spring.

  3. Cold temperatures here in central Canada...

    The lunatics driving this agenda will just falsify the data and say up is down and left is right.

    1. North "The lunatics driving this agenda will just falsify the data and say up is down and left is right. "

      Thanks for the update North!

      Yup and they'll exploit children to sell the agenda..
      Meanwhile our tomatoes are small- the earth is cold and damp- not fit for planting- not yet.

      And I live in the greenbelt... lots of crops are grown here.. and wine country

  4. What bizarre weather that has unfolded, IMO, is due to deforestation, whether its clear cutting the Amazon or African rain forests, like in Gabon, or the temperate ones in N. America.
    It's a stated fact that trees exchange CO2 for O2, so why are we still engaged in wiping out forests to make paper?

    1. It's a fact that trees do inhale C02 and exhale O2
      That's how trees and all living plants grow.
      And thank goodness for that or we'd be oxygen deprived.

      I lean towards ocean currents and the sun being the biggest factors in our global climate

    2. Most of the oxygen comes from phyto-plankton but you're right, trees and plants are important, and thank to the CO² we put out, plants can now grow a little bit better even if it's cooling.

    3. Hi gallier, again,
      I had a link here way back that CO2 should be considered a nutrient (related to greenhouse growing) but of course it's a plant nutrient in general- still people see it as a pollutant- it's like some kind of black magic spell has been cast on the masses- I don't get it!

  5. It's 7C here in SE Ontario, wind 17km/h, and rainy. My feet are cold, but at least I'm not trying to garden. Do you think you might have to build a greenhouse, Penny?

    1. Yes yaya, I think it's going to come to that.
      Geofish (retired geo physicist aka scientist) suggested poly tunnels and that might be the cheapest effective way to get more heat. Won't help with the total lack of sunlight though

      My neighbour called me earlier today and said
      "when are we going to get the garden's in"?
      We're the neighbourhood garden guru's
      I said, I simply don't know!
      Soil is too cold to germinate a seed
      Never mind the fact the rain will wash them away anyway
      Plants will die.
      They say no to cold roots

      Another gal was telling me today that rurally, most yards looks like mini lakes- hubby noticed that one his way to work- waterways are up

      no heat- no sun- no evaporation
      the flooding will continue

      did you check the chart showing the drop in northern hemisphere's temps

      This area was under two miles of ice before...

  6. You're the garden guru in your neighbourhood! Yes, I studied the chart and actually understood it (usually I don't).

    Two videos: Dr. Willie Soon, hilarious and informative, though with a lot of charts.
    and ...
    AlJazeera's so-called interview of Prof. Lindzen which seemed shockingly designed to prevent him from talking. He remained amazingly calm, cool and collected, though.

  7. "You're the garden guru in your neighbourhood! "

    Hubby and I both. We come by it honestly... All of our grandparents farmed- then parents gardened.
    My dad still does and he's going to be 84. (including his beloved fig trees)
    I'll check the videos yaya and thanks!

  8. Also f.cking cold here in Europe. I still have the background heating on or else it would get too cold on nights.
    We had an above average February and media and saint Greta were babbling about global warming. Now it's seriously under average since March and not a peep from the usual suspects.
    Yeah, it's only weather when it's cold and climate when it's warm, we get it.

    1. Hey Gallier2- yes, we continue to run the heat or we would be freezing at night as well-

      thank goodness we've had a bit of a reprieve yesterday and today, but, We've had a seriously below normal spring. Overall- I'm not counting the odd day here and there- few and far between- because over all it's cold and raining
      Yah when it's cold "it's the weather' but when it's warm it's 'climate change"