Friday, June 14, 2019

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson: Ritual Murder of the Russian Royal Family

This was a different, but, really interesting interview. Good listening. Hope you will enjoy it.  And share some thoughts, of course!
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Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson joins Our Interesting Times to discuss his book “A Circle of Betrayal, Cowardice and Deceit” – On the 100th Anniversary of the Ritual Murder of the Russian Royal Family. We discuss how the destruction of the Romanov dynasty in 1918 altered the course of history and resulted in a world dominated by Freemasonic liberalism and Marxism. Dr. Johnson is the author of several books including The Third Rome: Holy Russia, Tsarism and Orthodoxy; Russian Populist: The Political Thought of Vladimir Putin. His latest book is The Soviet Experiment: Challenging the Apologists for Communist Tyranny. His website is The Russian Orthodox Medievalist at
Dr Johnson has many, many essays and talks freely available at the highlighted link


  1. Even as a child I knew by the presentation of this act that it was all BBC Globe. Around and around as Dusty would sing, the ouroboros eats it's tale until the tail is reality.

    1. I think much of what we know or are told is bogus and we've got to do our own reseach

  2. Hi Penny.

    Well, I just read "National Socialism in Context: Russia and Christian Germany under Hitler" which is a recent article on his website, and the completely absurd things CIA pastor Bronson, or Johnson, what ever (Solzhenitsyn who probably found a flyer from Göring's Luftwaffe was also a complete idiot for that matter) is saying there is patently untrue and typical CIA/Nazi/NATO propaganda.

    The CIA (e.g. 'Christians' like the Dulles brothers and Pompeo) and 'Nazism' (e.g. 'Christians' like Gehlen and Frau Merkel), that's pretty much the same organization.

    As for Nicholas II of Russia and his wife (overthrown and imprisoned not by the Bolsheviks but by Nicholas II's own freemasons and the February Revolution), Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany, King George V of the United Kingdom (and the rest of European royalty); they're all relatives and Western imperialistic (with the freemasons collaborating) robber barons.

    [Nazism (National Zionism, fake-nationalism) and Trotskyism (fake-communism) are two sides of the same coin and it is true that they infiltrated and tried to take over Bolshevism (Marxism-Leninism), and they actually did take over (at the very top) from 1953-2000.
    No need for pastor Johnson to sing the praises of these infiltrators and Nazis. There's nothing to like about queen Bessie and Soros/Trump]

    Except after WWI, there was no longer German nor Russian Western imperialism, and pretty much the only Western imperialism left was Anglo-American imperialism and its proxy 'Nazism' (which became NATO).

    1. Hi Laika: Don't know enough about this very large subject to suggest this man is mistaken- and in the interview he does mention the free masons (going on recall?)

      The freemasons and the chosenites have a very strong relation to one another, to my understanding.

      I'm going to listen to more of his talks.

    2. All Masonic lodges get their instruction from the boss of masonry B'nai B'rith.

    3. Hey gallier2:

      that I did not know- I was aware there was collusion/cooperation but was unaware of the subservience- Yikes

      Did you happen to listen to the interview?
      And if you did, what did you think of the info shared?