Sunday, June 30, 2019

Environmentalism as Totalitarianism

  That’s a provocative title, isn’t it? Since I consider myself an environmentalist it seemed an extreme position to take. But, the article, linked below, is not talking about my kind of environmentalism. The environmentalism that includes human kind.
  This article is talking about the extreme elitist type of environmentalism. One that does not include humans as part of the environment. Though we actually are part and parcel of the environment and the planet as a whole. If one truly understood what it is we are made of.

Before we get to the article, we’re going to first understand the definition of totalitarianism. Once we do it will be clear to us that yes, indeed, the elitist environmentalism pushed by the satanic carbon cult is TOTALITARIAN in it’s scope and breadth ( Link  As nouns the difference between scope and breadth is that scope is the breadth, depth or reach of a subject; a domain while breadth is the extent or measure of how broad or wide something is. )
Totalitarian/ism defined:
 -Totalitarianism is characterized by strong central rule that attempts to control and direct all aspects of individual life through coercion and repression.
- Under totalitarian rule, traditional social institutions and organizations are discouraged and suppressed.  
- Old religious and social ties (families) are supplanted by artificial ties to the state and its ideology 
- Thus, the social fabric is weakened and people become more amenable to absorption into a single, unified movement.  
- Large-scale organized violence becomes permissible and sometimes necessary under totalitarian rule, justified by the overriding commitment to the state ideology and pursuit of the state’s goal (ANTIFA, anybody?)
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The authors’ book of the same title
"I see three motives that make it necessary to classify environmentalism among totalitarian ideologies in the strict sense.

The first is that environmentalism does not make any secret of its will to control the entirety of human action. Indeed, the environmentalism claims to control each of the human activities emitting CO2. However, there is no human gesture, as tiny as it is – the simple act of breathing – which is not emitting CO2. Therefore, environmentalism claims to control the entirety of human action.

The academic literature leaves no more doubt on this subject than the innumerable media variations. So man must give up the plane because it emits CO2. The car is one of the misdeeds of the past, because the automobile emits CO2, directly in the case of “ICE -Internal Combustion Engine” vehicles, indirectly when it comes to electric vehicles. Man must give up tourism, pleasure travel, traveling without rhyme or motive – or even with just cause. We must of course give up meat consumption because cattle farming emits CO2. “Veganism”, formerly the privilege of a tiny minority, is now a “scientific” obligation. Even the fact of having children should be hindered: because a child is the worst source of CO2 that can be conceived.
Not only do environmentalists claim total control of human action, but they are proud of this claim."
Reread the definition of totalitarianism

"Two, a totalitarian ideology is defined by the objectification of an enemy; an element within the social body that must be confined, or even eradicated, to allow the advent of the final stage of human society when the class barriers that had stratified nations for thousands of years would dissolve, or the racially pure socialist society
The objectification of the enemy. Which in the case of the extremist, elitist environmentalist is  nearly all of mankind. All "unworthy" non elite human beings. And that is very clear in all the information/ literature" Which is why I call it a death cult. Which is why the brainwashed freaks in the extinction rebellion have “die ins” Seriously, it’s that in your face.

Third: The enemy is all of us.
 All contemporary ecological theory is defined by its rejection, its detestation, its execration of the human CO2, thus in the last analysis of man. The enemy of environmentalism is in all of us; it resides in this substance which transcends any consideration of class, race or culture: our very humanity. The enemy of the environmentalist is the man and the imagined “Garden of Eden-Earth” of the environmentalist would have been peeled of the human crust.

It would obviously be foolish to blame the environmentalists for the slightest crime; they have reached power nowhere. Green parties are around 10 per cent in the countries where they do best, and in the European Parliament.

But their project and objectives are undoubtedly clear: it is about reducing humanity to a tiny fraction of what it is. Such was the recommendation of Hans Jonas, probably the most influential ecologist theorist of the twentieth century, such is today the recommendation of most intellectuals and environmental activists, consistent with their theoretical axioms. Get rid of nine-tenths of humanity ... How? This is an aspect of the program on which the ideologues remain the most discreet. Not all. Paul Ehrlich, probably the most read American ecologist since the sixties, author of “The Population Bomb ”  – the environmentalists did not talk about CO2 then, only overpopulation – advocated the sterilisation of the people who reproduce “like rabbits” (sic), a racist and contemptuous expression that targeted Indians and Pakistanis. If massive vasectomy is not enough, Dr. Ehrlich continued, then sterilizing substances must be poured into the drinking water

Environmentalism is a totalitarian ideology in the strict sense, more radical in its homicidal claims than any of its predecessors.

 I can't disagree with that conclusion.


  1. Not to mention the evil substances they're putting in the vaccines to cause sterilization, and worse!!

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      Did you see Yaya's recent piece on vaccines?
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