Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Trudeau Declares "Climate Emergency" Then Approves a Major Pipeline Nick Cunningham

"Canada declared a national climate emergency on Monday. The next day, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave the greenlight to a massive oil sands pipeline.
The House of Commons, with strong support declared climate change a “real and urgent crisis.” A week before, Justin Trudeau proposed a ban on single-use plastics, which, if implemented, would be the latest in a growing number of bans on plastic that could put multibillion-dollar bets on plastics and petrochemicals by the oil industry at risk.
But Trudeau has never really stood in the way of Canada’s oil industry, despite years of platitudes about addressing climate change. That was clear on June 18, when he gave the approval to the Trans Mountain Expansion (not for the first time), a $4.5 billion twin pipeline that would run along an existing line from Alberta to the Pacific Coast in British Columbia.
The Trans Mountain Expansion is one of a few high-profile pipeline projects that have run into serious trouble. Trudeau first gave the greenlight in 2016, but the project ran aground amid legal challenges from First Nations and environmental groups. Last year, Kinder Morgan, the original owner of the project, headed for the exit, threatening the cancel the project altogether.
Desperate to keep it alive – and the clearest example imaginable of how much the Canadian government depends on the oil industry – Trudeau moved to nationalize the project in mid-2018, buying it off of Kinder Morgan’s hands. A year later, here we are, with Ottawa once again trying to push it forward.

Oil forecasts aside, the Trans Mountain Expansion will still run into stiff resistance from First Nations and environmental groups. “The Trudeau government does not have the right to put a pipeline through unceded Secwepemc land,” spokeswoman Kanahus Manuel said, according to Reuters. More lawsuits and protests are inevitable".  ..... more to read at

Greencrow is giving us the BC perspective. Pipeline Woes - First Nations chiefs say Feds wouldn't even sit at table for "consultations"


 Some First Nations are ready and willing to sit at the table as mentioned in my earlier post.

Certainly, the seeds of division are being sown. Here, there and everywhere.



  1. yeah, "climate emergency" my ass... This retard, the criminal Justin Trudeau, has sold his soul in agreeing with the agenda 21 program which wants to have this "climate change" fraud of false fear as their method of getting stupid people to agree to being taxed to death and also accept the one world new world order agenda of evil..

  2. " Justin Trudeau, has sold his soul in agreeing with the agenda 21 program "

    His 'selection' was for the purpose of selling that agenda to us ...

  3. Hi Penny:

    Thanks for posting the link to my latest Rant against the destruction of Vancouver. As I've said before...some First Nations may be in favour of the pipeline...and may be being encouraged to "buy into it". However, the Canadian Constitution as interpreted by the Supreme Court of Canada has said that First Nations Lands can only be used for "traditional" occupations such as hunting, fishing and the like. If the First Nations people try to "buy into the pipeline" then their lands will then be automatically ceded to the Crown. It's a catch 22 for them.

    1. Hi GC:

      No offence intended- but law is open to interpretation.
      If first nations can harvest resources from their land- depending on the exact language, and how it's interpreted, they may be able to participate in the pipeline. It's not very likely, in my opinion, that the native tribes sitting at the table with the Trudeau government would be unaware of these stipulations/restrictions, should they exist as you may interpret them?

      The situation will have to be watched that's for sure