Thursday, September 19, 2019

HTS Crumbling In Idlib/ Astana Success in Idlib the Reason for the UN Ceasefire Request?

 Al Jaafari is definitely pointing out the political machinations behind this latest call for a ceasefire in Idlib:

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Jaafari said that Governments of some permanent members at UNSC continue to abuse the use of UNSC mechanisms to politicize the humanitarian situation in Syria by using this situation as a tool in a hostile campaign which aims to destabilize Syria’s safety and stability and support terrorism.
Al-Jaafari, speaking at a security Council session on Thursday , said that improving the humanitarian situation in Syria and confronting difficulties  faced by Syrians require  full commitment the respect for Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and to support the efforts of the government and its allies in combating the remaining terrorist organizations.
As stated earlier "Again we see the US protecting their terrorists"
There was a whole lot of discord among the varying groups of mercenaries in Idlib- It looked as if the plans made by the Astana trio ( Iran, Russia, Turkey) were bearing fruit

There had been a call for fighter/mercs to turn on Al Golani 

Mustafa Seyjerim, Free Syrian Army spokesman, called HTS fighters to turn on Al Golani.
This came after ABo Abed Ashda , HTS leader, relaesed a video and talked about the mistakes and violations that HTS commits,  which in turn dismissed him saying he exposed "information" that "benefits the enemy"
Due to the video released by HTS regional leader Ashidaa which resulted in his arrest and incarceration

ALEPPO, Syria — A prominent commander of Islamist coalition Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) in Syria was arrested Sept. 12 after he posted a video on YouTube criticizing other HTS leaders and alleging corruption. 

In his video, titled “To Prevent the Ship From Sinking," Abu al-Abd Ashidaa raised allegations of financial and administrative corruption within the group's leadership. Some observers described Ashidaa’s criticisms as a coup against HTS. The video went viral among jihadi organizations in the northwestern Syria province of Idlib, where HTS is fighting regime forces.

He also went as far as accusing HTS leadership of focusing on collecting tax and zakat (Islamic charitable contributions) and taking over public property, all while smuggling goods and monopolizing the trade of grains and agricultural crops after forcing farmers to sell their crops at low prices.

HTS denied Ashidaa's allegations and announced Sept. 10, the day after he posted the video, that he was being dismissed from his posts and referred to the military judiciary for punishment.

When he was arrested Sept. 12, HTS said in a statement, “A few days ago, a video by Ashidaa was broadcast, filled with lies and slander, and inciting division within the group. Some information that could benefit our enemy in the battles in the liberated north was revealed.”

The statement continued, “We stress that we will not allow, God willing, any attempt to divide our ranks or create strife, especially as the enemy is trying to infiltrate [our] ranks and seeks to pull them away from their families, waging a psychological war of incitement and spreading rumors.”
Ashidaa remained in custody as of the Sept. 17 deadline for this story, with no news of his release. Until he was arrested, Ashidaa commanded the military bloc of Aleppo city and was administrative commander of Umar ibn al-Khattab Army, a group of HTS special forces. He is seen as part of the most radical HTS current. He opposes the pragmatism of HTS leader Abu Mohammad al-Golani and his moderate current. Ashidaa has also repeatedly condemned the conflicts over power within HTS, and the attempts of some of the group’s leaders to collect money.
HTS fears the video could lead to more defections. Since the beginning of this year, two of the group’s most prominent leaders defected or were dismissed — explanations vary — due to internal disputes: Talha al-Mayssir (also known as Abu Shuaib al-Masri) and Abu al-Yaqdhan al-Masri


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