Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland Would Replace Trudeau If He Was Unable To Fulfill His Duties: Stealthy Regime Change?

Between you and me, I thought she already was THE Prime Minister.  Recall when Trudeau made her the minister of everything aka the PRIME Minister?

  Chrystia Freeland is now the minister for almost everything 

Freeland is everywhere now

Given a second chance, he has stepped back from the spotlight and enlisted a second-in-command — the relentless Chrystia Freeland.
When Freeland was announced as the new deputy prime minister and intergovernmental affairs minister, it wasn't obvious what she would be doing, beyond perhaps shuttling between provincial capitals to broker peace with recalcitrant premiers.
With the release of her mandate letter on Friday, it's now clear what files Freeland will be involved with: nearly all of them.
According to that letter, she will work "very closely" with Trudeau "in both setting and fulfilling the government's agenda." She will "lead key cabinet work streams in the achievement of national commitments to Canadians," including enhancements to medicare, the implementation of the pan-Canadian framework on climate change, new measures to control the use of firearms and improved access to child care.
She'll also lead work with the provinces to improve international provincial trade, assist with regional economic development initiatives and support efforts to advance Indigenous self-determination. She's also still responsible for completing the ratification of NAFTA (at least that's nearly done now).

 Trudeau continues to serve as the distracting window dressing and it's that reality which makes this latest announcement most interesting.

Freeland would replace Trudeau if he becomes unable to fulfill duties

OTTAWA -- The federal government has put in place a national leadership contingency plan in place, should Prime Minister Justin Trudeau become unable to fulfill his duties.
If that major and unprecedented moment in Canadian politics occurs, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland would become Canada’s acting prime minister.
That’s according to an official order made on March 13, the day that Trudeau’s office announced that his wife Sophie had tested positive for COVID-19.
Is Chrystia Freeland immune to COVID-19?
“In the event that the Prime Minister is unable to perform the functions of his office,” a threshold left undefined, Freeland would take charge, reads the order issued by the Privy Council Office. 
 So Chrystia will step up, if Trudeau became unable to perform the functions of his office, under the auspices of some undefined threshold?

In line with public health advice, Trudeau has not been tested for COVID-19 as he is not symptomatic, but given the rapid and concerning spread, the federal cabinet has been given instructions on the roles they’d play if the situation evolved.
Not sure why, but, I'm getting a regime change vibe.   
We shall see.... 

Greencrow  is on the same wavelength.

Perps have figured out how to shoe-horn highly unpopular Freeland into Prime Minister's Office


  1. People... Open your eyes!!! Everything what is happening these days is just nazi coup,the same like Reichstag and 9/11.Vatican want to attack Russia again.That's it.

  2. Wow. Just wow. Well, I expect we'll see similar manipulation in the U.S. Ohio cancelled its primary election today and wants to postpone it until June 2. Legal action is pending apparently. I haven't looked at the news to see what other states are doing. This CRISIS is being used for all kinds of nefarious things. Disrupting our elections this fall most likely part of the plan.

  3. Hi Penny:

    Thx for the H/T I'll update my post with a link to yours. Yes, this is so obvious that only the most sheeplfied of Canadians won't see it.

  4. Here's something to make your hair stand on end:


  5. I've said it since day one: Somebody Else is Running the Store