Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Have Turkey and Russia Made A Deal Regarding Airspace Acess over Idlib ?

I'm posing a question. 
Knowing this was on the table in Turkish/Russian talks. As mentioned in the report: Russia/ Turkey Meetings Outcomes Unknown. Russia and Turkey Bombing One Another? Or Just More Spin?
"Turkey and Russia are discussing opening Russian-controlled air space in Syria’s Idlib region for armed and unarmed drones, Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar was quoted as saying.
 Judging by what's been going on the past couple of days in the skies over Idlib, it looks as if that did occur.
Hisar System

Also interesting are these latest news items:

Turkey to deploy domestic air defense systems in Syria soon
"Turkey will deploy domestically developed low and medium-altitude air defense systems in Syria, Defense Industries Presidency (SSB) head İsmail Demir said Tuesday.
Due to escalating clashes in northwestern Syria’s Idlib province bordering Turkey, the HİSAR-A low-altitude air defense missile system and the HİSAR-O medium-altitude air defense systems will be deployed on the ground in Syria in a week, Demir said.
The defense systems were jointly developed by leading defense contractors ASELSAN and ROKETSAN, under the coordination of the SSB."
Both HİSAR missile systems were developed to protect military bases, ports, facilities and troops against threats from the air and are designed to be compatible with different platform integration

Putin and Erdogan meet in 2 days- Perhaps confirmation will come out of the meeting? Perhaps it won't? 
However, if these systems are deployed to Syria in short order, I'd say Russia okayed the deployment. 
Which would then also be highly suggestive that zone for refugees will be created. 
As mentioned here: Feb 11/20: Idlib's Fake News: Erdogan & Putin Set To Talk. Zone For Refugees Is Likely Outcome
"A refugee zone. Syrian territory that will become a place for the refugees to stay within the borders of Syria.  I believe much of Turkey's latest movement has everything to do with the creation of this type of area."

Hopefully we'll be able to verify either way soon enough. 


  1. Eye off the ball. Check out south america. Airlift is coming.

    1. Hey Incoming!!!
      I've been following Syria so closely, I'm clueless on South America other then perhaps something going on in Venezuela- did read some rumblings about it-

  2. Turkey is trying to grab Syrian territory, including Idlib. This is not a temporary occcupation, it is a full scale agression and land grabbing. You don't want to see this, Penny.

    1. I didn't want to see the US/Israel and their pKK allies take nearly 40 percent of Syria- yet that is what happened.

  3. Hi Penny,

    Found a funny take on the Idlib, Turkey, Russia thing which I find intriguing. Have a look

    I don't know if it's completely dumb or genius. At least it's original.
    Greetings from the crumbling EU.

    1. Hey gallier2
      I will read it, thanks!

      now the EU, I come across due to the European involvement in Syria.... What's the latest? I haven't even noticed if the yellow vest protests are still going on?

      Macron is still a bankers dream leader though, that's pretty obvious.

    2. I like it!
      I understand why he points out the media coverage as absurd. It is.

      "Therefore, we can conclude that what is happening today in Idlib was planned and agreed to by both Putin and Erdogan, as early as October 2017"

      I've said as much here- there are these agreements made between Turkey and Russia and everyone acts as if they don't exist- refusing to read them and failing to understand these serve as a framework for what is occurring - but then the msm as well as the vast majority of alt media simply regurgitates the US/Israeli spin

      And that Damascus is much more aware of what is happening then they let on- All political leaders hitting the right notes to their 'audiences'

      "There you go, action-reaction, food for thought for the readers who can now raise their indignation in comment sections every Sunday morning. I love these, they’re an inexhaustible source of joy!

      «Erdogan is a Western and NATO puppet!»"

      Yup, tired, tired tired... but it never fails to be repeated over and over and over. What else to expect from the bandwagon crowd

      «Even though man is only responsible for 4,8% of all CO2, 97,7% of scientists agree that it’s the drop that spills the bucket.»

      same bandwagon crowd

      I often wonder if people really and truly think about where they get the "ideas" they have?
      And consider all the garbage they consume unconsciously as acting on their conscious mind?

      good to know your still around gallier2

    3. Yellow vests, still there. Almost no media coverage except for RT and some bloggers, but every saturday, they're still there. The lefty classical protesters (unions, communists etc) almost manage(d) to Microsoft them (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Embrace,_extend,_and_extinguish) but they are still here.

    4. A propos climate. The last essay from Dmitry Orlov on the global warming apocalyptic cult is excellent, as he manages to put it in perspective of current western collapse. Food for thoughts. I even pushed my son to read it a thing that I generally avoid.

      the original is only accessible via a paywall
      The french translation on the francophone saker is complete and a reverse google translate should work not too badly.

    5. I'll have a look gallier!

  4. fyi: Saker has become quite the place for censorship

    I left a comment there- on topic with his last bit of refuse and brought up the fact that possibly Russia and Turkey made a deal for airspace use- It never made it through moderation.

    Saker is pushing the same rhetoric mentioned in the piece left by Galllier 2. His moderation chastized people for ad hominem while Saker engages wholeheartedly in the very same propaganda.

  5. Just saying, since nobody else had said it. I doubt its some kind of deal. Its just that the Original delivery date of Hisar-A was 2021 and Hisar-O in 2022. I guess they gave it more priority and got it out this soon.