Wednesday, March 11, 2020

New Mission? US Troops Aim To Keep Oil Fields in NE Syria Away from Damascus

Is this really a "new mission" for American forces?  What rubbish! What is being stated in this 4 minute audio piece is exactly what readers here have been informed of for quite some time!

Yup, it's yet another "no shit sherlock" oh so obvious , exactly as  planned happening.
Last time this subject was brought up here was nearly 5 months ago..
 And undoubtedly in multiple other reports going back years!
The theft of Syria's oil  by the Kurds in order to  fund annexation, buy arms and generally enrich themselves, with the US standing alongside is not new. 
It's been discussed repeatedly here for quite some time . All the while being ignored very nearly everywhere else. Why?


NPR: Pentagon Correspondent

From yesterday:

What is the US Prepping For?: Turkish/Russia Ceasefire Holding - Birth Pangs



  1. Instead of reporting on what's actually and has been occurring what is the focus of the dogmatic alt media

    A proposal made, allegedly, by Erdogan to Putin? (Fort Russ)

    Yup, that's so much more sinister a proposal vs actual oil theft of vital resources, ongoing for years- Dogma rules the alt media

  2. From all I've seen via a diversity of resources
    The Ceasefire is holding. And has been for what nearly a week now?
    And everyone wants to make it permanent.
    Russia and Turkey are still working positively towards this goal.

    “Now we work on to make this cease-fire permanent,” Çavuşoğlu said.

    "Erdogan, in an interview while returning from the Belgian capital Brussels, said that the ceasefire was, “going well, even if it is temporary. I hope that this will continue and it will turn into a permanent ceasefire.”

    Meetings (via phone) yesterday by all reports are positive
    SAA and allies are clearing the M-4 to make way for the joint patrols.

    " According to many pundits, the beginning of the patrols may ensure the security of the region better than the current situations

    Turkey's military will patrol to the north of a security corridor being set up around a highway in Idlib, and Russian forces will patrol the southern side, Çavuşoğlu said on the issue. "

    There are plans for a refugee pass through- which will undoubtedly see many of the thugs head back to Europe.

    Yet, Southfront is presenting the usual dogmatic ideology
    a fixed, belief or set of beliefs that people are expected to accept without any doubts
    Which has me perplexed because there is an abundance of information to the contrary. Personally, I'm pleased the ceasefire is working thus far, can't speak of what may occur in the future, but so far so good. A more controlled means of resolving Idlib really is the better way to go

    SF "Recently Erdogan forces established several new posts north of the M4 highway"
    Yes, that's because their prepping for agreed to patrols with Russia as has been widely reported- everywhere!

    Also, what is being ignored completely, is the reports today that the US has a "new" mission in Syria. Helping the SDF continue to steal Syrian oil. As they've done for years and years now. With the US standing right by their side.

    New Mission? US troops aim to keep oil. New mission?

    That most certainly is not the new mission. It's been the mission all along.
    Hopefully SouthFront will report on that?

    1. this comment was left at saker's place- under southfront's latest rubbish-

    2. Hi Penny

      Yes, southfront (CIA-front) - not to mention his outrageous (latest) analysis - is pure Goebbelsian Big Lie Propaganda.

      Especially his - and the worldwide media's - demonization of Erdogan's Turkey, on behalf of Israel 2.0. Not unlike (CIA asset) Solzhenitsyn's demonization of Stalin.

      That most don't realize that RT, and many other 'alternative' media, are in essence in the hands of NWO agents, doesn't help much either.
      (it's just that Putin uses them to get at least some messages across to the West, but they're in essence vulgar lying charlatans, and not to be trusted whatsoever)

      Scott Creighton's latest video was very good. I think it's all about their original plan to destroy Turkey, and to lay an oil and gas pipeline from Israel 2.0 via Hatay to Israel 1.0, and the rest of the world. (no wonder Turkey doesn't want to withdraw yet)

      Hence the big, long-term, defamatory propaganda campaign (big lies, unbelievable demonization, patently false accusations) against Erdogan's Turkey.

    3. That southfront piece was replete with nonsense and spin.

      this part from SouthFront
      "SF "Recently Erdogan forces established several new posts north of the M4 highway" continued on "with al quaeda"
      which is rubbish. but they had to do their guilt by association spin.

      Clearly their prepping for joint patrols, but, Southfront can't state the facts, only spin their lies.

      It speaks poorly of Saker, to continue his affiliation with them, though to be honest I've had little to no respect for "The Saker" these past few years.

      Laika "I think it's all about their original plan to destroy Turkey, and to lay an oil and gas pipeline from Israel 2.0 via Hatay to Israel 1.0, and the rest of the world."

      Of course if Turkey get split apart the PKK will control Hatay and Israel 1.0 and Israel 2.0 will be unified- it's like a freakin' love story alright!

  3. Off topic? But maybe not...

    They're taking this "exercise" right up to Russia's border.

  4. thanks Gwen, I'm going to read the links now!

  5. A few of us have been writing on that topic for a very, very long time.
    Greater Kurdistan aka Israel 2.0

    As for Davatoglu and his alleged no trouble with neighbours policy- Mr D, being the real power in Turkey at the time of that policy- under the old form of governance- created a ruse. IMO. He was also the real power when the Russian plane was shot down (under the old form of governance)
    I see him as the glue between Turkey's and NATO's deep state (He's started a new party in Turkey to challenge his old party aka divide the vote)

    Most people are unaware of the common market aka free trade deal that had been negotiated between Turkey and Syria. It came into play years prior to the Usrael destabilization.. and was very beneficial to the two nations.

    "In 2019, the Turkish General Staff became convinced that the Pentagon, having temporarily renounced destroying Syria because of the Russian presence, was now preparing to destroy the Turkish state"

    Way off in date for realization. There is evidence Turkey was aware well, well, well before 2019 of US plans. Leadership their made statements to this affect going back further then that.
    In fact in Meyssan's article he contradicts his own statments

    "In 2017, regional president Massoud Barzani organised a referendum for independence in Iraqi Kurdistan. Immediately, Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran understood that the Pentagon, returning to its original plan, was preparing to create a "free Kurdistan"

    Well Mr Meyssan, is it 2017 or 2019? It seems you can't make up your own mind?

    My contention still it was way before 2017 as well. Perhaps Thierry can settle on a date, eventually?

    another comment left at saker's by yours truly

    1. That 'Thierry Meyssan' - pretending to be somehow sophisticated, exotic, and knowledgeable - is a miserable disinfo agent, as ridiculous, absurd, and disgusting as CIA disinfo sites like "Alez Jones" and "Veterans Today."

    2. Hi again Laika- I lost my faith in alt media years ago.. that includes Theirry.

      Don't even get me started on Veterans Today and Gordon Duff..