Tuesday, June 2, 2020

"Black Out Tuesday" State/Intelligence Asset/Corporate Approved Protest

  Knowing the ties between intelligence agencies and the music industry run long, deep and are extensive, informs me very clearly why the "music industry" is the creator and promoter of "Black Out Tuesday"

Radio stations and TV channels have changed their programmes to mark "Blackout Tuesday", reflecting on George Floyd's death in police custody.

There will also be moments of reflection on BBC Radio 1 and Radio 2, while commercial radio stations including Kiss, Magic and Absolute Radio are observing a social media blackout "to show that racism of any kind cannot be tolerated".
    I'm thinking of all the contrarian "pandemic" information that Youtube has worked overtime to censor in support of the authority. And the official narrative.

    Taking place on Tuesday, June 2, and given the hashtag #TheShowMustBePaused, what is now being called Black Out Tuesday was created by Atlantic senior director of marketing Jamila Thomas and former Atlantic executive Brianna Agyemang (now a senior artist campaign manager at Platoon) as a way to disrupt business as usual this week.
    What the heck is Platoon exactly? Cause the site looks like a bunch of gibberish designed to obfuscate something. Platoon is a platform for "fearless creatives"

    Platoon is also "a subdivision of a company of soldiers, usually forming a tactical unit that is commanded by a lieutenant and divided into several sections. (more appropriate in my estimation)

     I heard on the radio today,  that you're encouraged to protest, but, be sure to "social distance" Oh and wear masks, so you can hide your identity er I mean for the"pandemic"  How bizarre is that? Really? When people have been getting heavy fines for being in parks or playing basketball?
"I think it's people's right to express their support, and in some cases concern, about things that are unfolding both here in our country and across the world," Health Minister Patty Hajdu said Monday at a press conference.
Really Patty Haidu thinks it's right to express support and concern? In all cases? Or just in some cases?
She went on to say that gathering together is a "very powerful way to lend that support" and to "be an ally in many of these kinds of situations."
"There are ways to do it more safely. People still do need to keep physical distance, make sure that they bring with them hand sanitizer, for example, and … bring a mask," said Hajdu.
 Then the sham Tam gets in on the consent to the state sanctioned protests
"You might want to choose other means of…messaging, whether it be signage, or making noise using other instruments for example," Tam said. "Shouting, and that type of behavior can potentially project more droplets."
Tam added that being outdoors lowers risk as well, so protesters will want to be mindful of any events taking place in an enclosed environment.
Whaaaat in the hell!  We've been in lock down, under a state of emergency. Told to stay at home and suddenly that's all gone out the window?!
 These orders currently ban social gatherings of more than five people who are not from the same household.
Music Industry/Intelligence Connections go way back
     The ties that bind the music industry and intelligence groups have been talked about a number of times:

    David McGowan . Mark Devlin, John Potash and others have looked into these ties. Think of  Miles CopelandHis son Stewart Copeland The Police. There is tons of reading that can be done on that topic if you are so inclined. Point is the connections are there and well documented. Same as the ties between Hollywood, the news media and intelligence groups.  (Operation Mockingbird)

    These industries can persuade many people to "believe" (accept (something) as true)  what ever the powers that shouldn't be want the masses to "believe". hold (something) as an opinion; think or suppose

    1 st thought:  It really appears as if some party/ies want martial law.
    2nd thought: Ain't it great that due to the pandemic vast swathes of youth are unemployed and receiving their allowances via the government- Having nothing better to do then attend protests for political manipulation. Funny how well that worked out?
    3rd thought: Am I alone in finding "Black Out Tuesday" kind of strange as a meme
    What is inferred Blacks, Out Tuesday
     Blacks, Out Today
    Black Out Today(as in lights out?) 
    Another thing that concerns me is how reminiscent of previous destablilations this meme is
    Pretty sure there was something about Tuesday with Egypt- but I've got to verify that.
    It's all too familiar


  1. I'm more then a little surprised that these contradictions aren't being caught or pointed out as occurring. And right in our faces.
    The report above has been updated with statements from the sham Tam and Hajdu okay protest participation- knowing full well "pandemic" protocols are not being adhered to and yet there they both are condoning the protests.
    When people couldn't even go to a park.
    When there was a big hullabaloo about the people sitting in Trinity Park?
    When lock down protestors were called yahoos

    I'm glad Off Guardian is asking some good questions..

  2. Egypt

    "Activists called on participants to wear black and stay home the day of the strike."

    8 January 2011: The "Friday of Anger"

    still thinking there was something about Tuesday..

  3. Gwen- the day after you asked if hubby had got back to work- he got the call to return!
    He was sooo happy. Hopefully your hubby will return sooner then had anticipated

    1. My heart leapt when I read this! Very happy for you both. Mine is, of course, hoping to return, but he's hedging his bets by looking for another job. In the meantime, he's staying quite busy with work around the house we inherited.

      p.s., are you going to post part four of the LTC homes series? I know you mentioned to another commenter that you were a little tired of the subject.

    2. Yes. Pt 4 is almost finished and I'll be getting to it later today or tomorrow- It's such a dark thing to read and write about gwen, because it really comes off as having been done with intention.

      I think about my own Grandmother- I adored her
      My great grandma too- and I can't imagine anything so despicable being done to the elderly- both grannies were my toughest but most loving people- and they were tough because they had it hard - real salt of the earth people
      shakes head.

      We need to respect older people as a society. And we don't.

  4. Yes the hypocrisy is appalling. I think this is part of our "new world" - they openly engage in hypocrisy and contradictions but never have to explain themselves (re: your post on Canadian politicians travelling during lockdown). In Ohio, "Governor Muppet" tweets support for the current protestors, but eating inside a restaurant at a table is verboten!!

    Historically, this does not end well for them.

  5. It appears that the "BOT" was not the success they hoped for as it was getting attached and/or confused with "BLM". By the way, our future is being shaped and determined by the same type of children who came up with "BOT".

  6. There isn't much information at "Platoon" (owned by Apple), so I clicked on their tweet and saw this article about its founder, Denzyl Feigelson.


    While trying to find more information on him, I saw that he's a member of the board of this "foundation":


    They are the usual group that, personally, I am so very sick and tired of. Their speakers and award recipients are the usual liberal, new world order "people". I also tried to find information on how they are funded which brought me to:


    The information I was looking for might be out there, but I was tired of looking by page 15 (on purpose I'm sure). Anyway, at that link expand the information on their global initiative "three dot dash".

    1. Well, well, well
      three dot dash


      "Through initiatives like TEDxTeen and Three Dot Dash the foundation amplifies the voice of young people, connecting them with brands mentorships and partnerships who are at the forefront of global impact. They are convening meetings at the White House, speaking at the United Nations, in Forbes 30 under 30, founding the next million dollar companies and spearheading global revolutions. "

      and that's why it seemed to me the protests were attended by the Antifa, carbon cult, and affilliated ngo's
      With the heavy brand acceptance- google, youtube, amazon..

      We get played all the time, don't we?

      and they aren't family- just some anti human bastardized globalist version of indoctrinated cults thinking they are family- shakes head.

    2. what is three dots and a dash?
      Morse Code?
      One possibility so I looked into it and
      ...- = V

      I don't know, but the three dot dash has to signify something?

  7. Ironically Manson had a "family" as well. Need I say more?

  8. We get played all the time, don't we?

    Indeed we do.

    I think it's meant to symbolize the V sign all the "cool" people flash (that's what I read somewhere while I was searching).