Monday, June 22, 2020

"Topple the Statues, But Ignore the Modern Day Oppressors? "

Great oped:

Feels like a good follow up to the earlier post:
It is evident that Western political elites are far better at apologizing for the ‘bad old days’ than inspiring the public about their nation’s past – or even present.
 One meaningless apology after another. As the elites continue to do as they've always done. 
See from earlier todayOf Course, The US Will Exempt Their Zone of Kurdish Occupiers and Occupation from Sanctions

On to the oped:

"However, while the anti-racist and anti-Imperialist sentiment behind such actions is surely one that must be applauded, it also begs the question of why a similar ire isn’t reserved for the modern day oppressors and Imperialists; in this case, it being the military industrial complex and war lobbies of both the United States and Britain.
With both nations being the world’s leading exporters of arms, it has been this exact military industrial complex which has played an integral role in the world’s current foremost humanitarian crisis; Western-allied Saudi Arabia’s now five year long war on Yemen, one in which upwards of 85,000 Yemeni children have now lost their lives as a result of the US and British-made bombs.
Military advisors from both countries are also on hand to help direct Riyadh on where to direct its air strikes, with the agricultural sector of the impoverished Arab nation being a favoured target in particular of the Royal Saudi Air Force, resulting in widespread famine in what is already the poorest country in the Arab Peninsula.
Elsewhere in the Middle East, US and British occupation forces still remain in northern Syria and Iraq; with the air forces of both countries on hand to help carve out a Kurdish ethnostate in line with the 1982 Tel Aviv-authored Oded Yinon plan, intended to balkanise Arab states hostile to Israel."
Been talking about that for years and years now.. While others obfuscated or lied by omission.
A teeny tiny sampling below, but, so many more reports. So very many more.
Closer to home, the neo-Nazi junta of Ukraine has also received political and military support from the US and Britain since the 2014 coup seen the government of Victor Yanukovich ousted over his rejection of an EU-trade deal in favour of closer ties with Russia; similar to the situation in Yemen, military advisors from both countries have also been on hand to assist Kiev forces in their war on the breakaway pro-Russian republics of Donetsk and Luhansk, and the Trump administration has approved the sale of heavy arms to Ukraine since 2018.
However, despite the litany of war crimes this modern-day imperialist foreign policy has resulted in, from the Donbass to the Middle East, the Pentagon, the Ministry of Defence and the factories of Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and BAE Systems have so far remained untouched by the current protesters - their anger seemingly reserved for imperialists and oppressors who passed away generations ago instead.
Gee and who does that benefit... no protests against the planet's modern day imperialist oppressors and their oppression? Not a sound. You'd think the Seattle protestors would be so very concerned about these massive injustices...  and they're  so handily located to actually protest some of the worse offenders of this modern day imperialist agenda.

And yet...........


  1. 2020 has laid bare the overarching theme that most people are lagging behind in their ability to think independently. Unfortunately, in the case of societies like America's, most of the intelligentsia who might otherwise be influencing people to better themselves, are overwhelmingly bought and corrupted. They faithfully carry out their job of keeping the masses poorly informed, and miseducating them about learning to use the reasoning faculties of the mind. If I remember correctly, the French philosopher and art critic Julien Benda wrote about this in "The Treason of the Intellectuals".
    Che Guevara was quoted as expressing the opinion "The duty of the intellectual is to commit suicide as a class."
    If you dare disagree with the conventional wisdom, prepare to be trolled, gaslit and insulted, if not worse. For Christ's sake, there are people who consider The Greyzone to be a genuine Marxist-Leninist journalistic publication (I've heard this from the brilliant folks of Reddit). The left has been poisoned with identity politics, drug glorification, vegetarian and energy fundamentalism, sectarian namecalling, Malthusianism, and weaponised "anarcho"-ideologies. I admit that the likes of Mikhail Bakunin or Pyotr Kropotkin enjoy genuine stature as philosophers, but what is packaged under anarchism today is junk thought designed to make geopolitical instability and the dismantling of nation-states palatable to otherwise disgruntled yet well-meaning, mostly young people, indignant at the injustices of the system. They want poverty abolition, peace and whatnot, yet in practise, they're lead by pied pipers to take counterproductive actions to those causes. But most of the young anarchists are also very dogmatic- and ironically authoritarian, even though they supposedly oppose authoritarianism- and will throw ad-hominems at you into oblivion if you threaten to pierce the bubble of their favourite imperialist projects with woke branding (e.g. "Rojava"). I believe that because they "already know" that the state is bad, they have no curiosity or incentive to study geopolitics to help them differentiate between actors, ideologies, interests and policies within and outside governments on the global stage, since "they're all the same". They help to bring down "authoritarian socialists" in Cuba and Venezuela, for example, and they benefit from academic sinecures or lucrative publishing contracts from the comfort of the West, without even consciously drawing a connection (or denying it), while the poor people in these two countries suffer the full wrath of the free market and NATO militarism. Worse still, they laugh at "Soros bucks" or "you think Antifa is actually fascist or deep state?", never caring to actually research so they can find truth, no matter what it is. It never occurs to them that abolishing civilian police would further aid the militarisation and privatisation of governments like America's.

    1. Great comment Martin!
      I can't disagree with it.