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Armenian Birth Pangs: The Velvet Revolution Continues- US Led NATO Looks To Expand...

 Will they have success? Considering they've had their man in Armenia for two years now? Success may be theirs to have.

I've been reading through lots of material on the Nagarno Kharabahk  situation. There is tons of disinfo. Lots of unsubstantiated claims. That's to be expected. What's very interesting and unexpected is the 5 eyes based "news" outlets spinning against Azerbaijan and Turkey, while propping up all manner of Armenian claims. American and UK sources are very pro Armenian despite the fact Armenia is supposed to be a staunch ally of Russia? A protectorate of Russia? Under the influence and sway of Russia? Though that isn't really the case and all.  And Nagarno Kharabahk isn't part of Russia's reduced influence in Armenia.

Pashinyan would know very well how to work/manipulate a compliant media. Being a "media" man supported by by western NGO's.  That's been covered here previously, check the 2018 reports:

Pashinian, who for years run Armenia’s best-selling daily, “Haykakan Zhamanak,”   
In 2013 -Pashinian also stated that his movement could advocate a “velvet revolution” in Armenia if serious fraud precludes regime change through elections.  

Of course, Pashiny(i)an did take power:

 The more we believe things change, the more we fail to realize they are exactly the same.

Let's step back even further to a report, published by yours truly April / 2016:

Nagorno-Karabakh is not a localised conflict

It's definitely not a localized conflict. No sireee....

It does not take a leap from reality to see how this conflict could spill over into a bigger war in the South Caucasus.
 Far from being just a localised conflict watched by many with curiosity on our television screens, the war in Nagorno-Karabakh is actually a tangled web of competing geopolitical interests from across the region.
The risk of the war spilling over is real. 
 This is not about Russia poking Turkey in the eye! The US talking head is spinning that nonsense and it's just that nonsense- Russia has no interest in fomenting war with Turkey-
Russia has sold a whole pile of arms to Azerbaijan, so the US presented simplistic narrative doesn't fit.
The South Caucasus is a tinderbox almost perpetually on the brink of igniting. Often it is Russia's hand that is shaping and influencing events in the South Caucasus.
But Russia isn't the only player as the very biased writer finally acknowledges
For the US, events in the South Caucasus can affect regional security, and by extension, the US and Europe's security.
For Europe, stability and security in the South Caucasus matters for energy reasons and for the bigger dream of creating a continent that is whole, free and at peace.
 A Europe whole and free- This is a US idea to dominate the entirety of Europe. 
  How far down the rabbit hole are your prepared to go to have a minimal understanding of what's at stake here? How about back to 2014? 
This long in the works plan is moving forward. It is progressing. Those who tell you the US doesn't engage in long term planning are either very stupid or intentionally misleading. I'll let you decide for yourself

That's NATO talk for a Europe under the thumb of NATO. We've talked this topic previously readers. And oddly Hillary Clinton mentioned that at the time of the Brussels bombing- It's a plan.

Despite its physical distance from the United States, events in the South Caucasus can affect regional security and, by extension, transatlantic security. 

Energy reasons and dominating Europe- Oops, I mean making Europe whole and free ;) 

Goodness gracious, why that was mentioned just the other day!

The dangerous actions of Armenia risks to further destabilize the region,
which has a strategic importance for Azerbaijan and Europe, as it provides energy and transport links to Georgia, Turkey and Europe for the Azerbaijani oil and gas as well as other export commodities. By jeopardizing major infrastructure projects, such as the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline, Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum gas pipeline, Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway, Armenia could put European energy and transport security at huge risk."

 Let's cut to the chase- CATO Institute

"Ankara’s declaration (declarations are meaningless without action) especially creates the danger of a showdown between Turkey and Russia, since Moscow regards Armenia as a client, if not an outright protectorate. ( I don't buy that idea- that's a very NATO idea) The mere possibility of an armed confrontation between a NATO member and Russia is cause for alarm, since Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty considers an attack on any alliance member as an attack on all. A military incident between Turkey and Russia would require the United States to sort‐​out which party was guilty of aggression, and if it appeared that Moscow had initiated the clash, Washington would have an obligation to come to Turkey’s defense."

Wow! Let's talk about what is being stated by CATO- The mere possibility of a confrontation, not an actual confrontation,  just a maybe would require the rest of NATO to step up and defend Turkey.  This is pretext.  Considering everything that has taken place in Syria? With the US aiming for Turkey right there alongside their PKK pals? The Mediterranean conflict which sees the US opposed to Turkey's attempts to exercise it's own right to trade and protecting it's commercial interests. Come on! The US is looking to expand NATO into Armenia in a very big way and Armenia is doing all it can to help with attain this goal!

 Spin from "Radio Free Europe"  Turkish-Russian Rivalry Influences Azerbaijan-Armenia Fighting

 I'm stating, because it's clear to me, NK has flared up at this time because the US is looking for an excuse to enter/occupy Armenia. They got their man in power. And that man, Pashinian is making all manner of unsubstantiated claims of Turkish involvement. This will give the US exactly what they want. With a side benefit of causing conflict between Turkey and Russia. There is no way Turkey wants more US troops stationed at it's border alongside their PKK proxy army. In a replay of the same situation we see in Syria. The presence of the PKK was reported, here, a couple of days ago

"The alarming reports that Armenia has been relocating Kurdistan Working Party (PKK) terrorists from Syria and Iraq to the occupied territories of Nagorno-Karabakh to prepare for future hostilities and train Armenian militias is news of the sort that should keep you awake at night, not only in Azerbaijan but also in Europe, writes James Wilson.

Arevordi @ Heralding the Rise of Russia has long written about US influence in Armenia- Wonder what he's thinking right about now?


  1. I did leave Arevordi a link to this report and it's final question.
    Perhaps he will enlighten us all from the Armenian perspective on this situation? Perhaps he won't?
    That said... tread carefully with the info provided.
    NATO is looking for an in- Connect this with what ongoing in Belarus- Russia has trouble. as does Iran and Turkey

  2. Armenia, allegedly Russia's protectorate, isn't looking for peace that's for sure

    Armenia, Azerbaijan Reject Russia-Mediated Talks as Fighting Rages Over Karabakh

    Moscow, which has a military pact with Armenia but also good ties with Azerbaijan, has repeatedly called for an end to the fighting and offered to help with negotiations.

    But Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said Wednesday that talks with Azerbaijan were not yet on the table.

    "It isn't very appropriate to speak of a summit between Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia at a time of intensive hostilities," Pashinyan said.

    "A suitable atmosphere and conditions are needed for negotiations."


      "“It isn’t very appropriate to speak of a summit between Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia at a time of intensive hostilities,” Pashinyan told Russia’s Interfax news agency. “A suitable atmosphere and conditions are needed for negotiations.”

      He said Armenia “at this point” is not planning to ask for intervention in the conflict by a Russia-led military alliance, the Organisation of the Collective Security Treaty that comprises several former Soviet republics including Armenia."

  3. Russia is certainly trying to get the two nations to talk

    "ussian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Wednesday that Moscow was willing to host the foreign ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan for talks, a ministry statement cited him as saying.

    He said Russia would continue to work both independently and together with other representatives of the Minsk group of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) to mediate in the conflict between Azerbaijan and ethnic Armenian forces, which has seen the fiercest fighting since the mid-1990s in recent days."


    Russia's Armenian, Azerbaijani communities call for peace in Nagorno-Karabakh

    They condemned the attempts at expanding the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh by recruiting volunteers from the ethnic diasporas and urged their respective communities to avoid yielding to provocations

    Ethnic diasporas?- Since there is, as of now, only verifiable information about the PKK Kurds being recruited into Armenia from multiple locations via Lebanon

    Is this what is being referred to?

  5. Lindsey Snell is making the claim that Turkey shifted fighters to Azerbaijan- She is a spook. A spy. An american embedded with their terror crew.

    "Lindsey Snell, a journalist who was previously jailed by Turkish authorities, released a photo that alleges to show men from the Hamza Division arriving in Baku via Ankara"

    Lindsey Snell if full of sh*t- spook, spook, spook
    Hubby had a hand in the attempted Turkish coup

    Last time I covered her "reporting" she was in Quandil- with the PKK- so her spinning would cover to the PKK shift to Armenia beautifully

    "How very curious. Lindsey Snell had a report from Quandil... PKK territory. Curious and curiouser? It seems to me that Lindsey Snell is in thrall of the PKK. "

    Her husband Suliman Wardak was detained by Turkish authorities for his involvement in the coup attempt

    " Wardak, who is is from Afghanistan, traveled to Istanbul after Snell’s arrest to assist with her case, and was himself detained on 22 August. He has alleged that Turkish authorities accused him of being involved in the coup, and preventing him from leaving the country.

    Turkish news reports portrayed Snell as a CIA spy, and Snell said she was frustrated that the US state department had not issued a statement saying she was a journalist. "

    "Snell said she was frustrated that the US state department had not issued a statement saying she was a journalist."

    Disinfo Snell- can't be trusted except to fabricate on behalf of the NATO war machine

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  7. Greetings Penny,

    Thank you for bringing this major matter to your readership's attention. MSM in North America is for the most part ignoring the war currently raging in the internationally unrecognized Armenian province of Nagorno Karabakh. In my opinion, this is because the West (Anglo-American-Jews) and their Turkic henchmen in Ankara have a heavy hand in what's going on.

    The aforementioned brought Nikol Pashinyan into power through a cleverly crafted color revolution in 2018. Without getting into details, once Washington's NED and George Soros succeeded in installing a pliable puppet like Nikol as head of Armenia, this war became inevitable. We were therefore waiting for this. In a nutshell: This war is about the self-determination of an indigenous people. Nagorno Karabakh has been part of historic Armenia going back thousands of years and the land has always had an Armenian majority. Due to unfortunate political circumstances the territory ended up in Azerbaijan, a country essentially created by Bolsheviks some 100 years ago. Naturally, oil and gas also plays a role in why the international community is so interested in the region. The energy Baku transfers to Israel and Europe via Georgia and Turkey is the region's only route that is not under Russian control. Moscow is therefore also very interested in the region. In fact, Moscow sees the region as a strategic gateway to its vulnerable underbelly (i.e. the Turkic/Islamic populated north Caucasus). This is why Armenia, virtually 100% Christian and ethnic Armenian, and therefore pro-Russians, is seen by Moscow as a strategic foothold in the south Caucasus.

    Therefore, despite Nikol's Western-backed government, Russia's remains Armenia's close ally. Consequently, Russia will protect Armenia at all costs but Moscow understandably wants to maintain normal relations with Baku as well. So, for Moscow it's a delicate balancing act.

    In any case, there is no chance in hell that NATO will be inviteded into Armenia. I don't know where you got that idea. It's not a possibility. Besides, don't forget that Turkey is NATO. So how would Yerevan try to draw NATO into Armenia? Besides, Nikol Pashinyan will be shot dead even if he dares to 'think' about such a thing. Moreover, there are no "credible" news sources reporting any PKK presence in Nagorno Karabakh. Turkey is the source of the "news". So, it's Turkish propaganda. Ankara is trying to justify its involvement on Baku's side. I ask you to therefore be careful with your sources and refrain from disseminating Turkish propaganda. What's happening in Nagorno Karabakh is conventional warfare involving heavy artillery, battle tanks, guided missiles, air power, drones, etc. So, there is very little PKK militants could do in this fight. Summary: NATO is NOT being invited into Armenia. There is NO PKK in Nagorno Karabakh.

    That said, the war waging in Nagorno Karabakh is indeed very serious as it has the potential to turn international by drawing in Russia, Iran, Turkey and Western powers into the fire Baku started.

  8. Hi Arevordi!

    The idea for NATO's entry into Armenia came from the CATO Institute -it's quoted in the report above.

    It's certainly not Turkish propaganda, IMO.

    The information for the presence of the PKK in NK came from a European source- quoted in my previous post.

    And I've also featured a Greek report of Armenian militias in Syria with PKK and the Americans

    So the back and forth is well established.

    I'm very careful about my information sources. Always have been. See above for sources used

    I agree with you on this "The aforementioned brought Nikol Pashinyan into power through a cleverly crafted color revolution in 2018. Without getting into details, once Washington's NED and George Soros succeeded in installing a pliable puppet like Nikol as head of Armenia, this war became inevitable"

    Agree with this " In fact, Moscow sees the region as a strategic gateway to its vulnerable underbelly "

    Turkey is NATO, imo, in name only- Turkey and Greece are at odds and have been previously so NATO membership is not such a sticking point for me. Save for the 5 eyes and Israel. Everyone else is expendable. Those nations are key, the core of NATO including Canada (where I reside)

    I know that the US wants Turkey busted up. However they can accomplish it. This has been their plan

    As of now I'm not quite as certain as you Russia will defend Armenia. I'm more inclined to think they will engage in diplomacy, alongside Turkey. Lavrov has offered to talk and Pashinyan's statements suggest to me he is looking to gain some sort of advantage before he will come to the table.

    “It isn’t very appropriate to speak of a summit between Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia at a time of intensive hostilities,” Pashinyan told Russia’s Interfax news agency. “A suitable atmosphere and conditions are needed for negotiations.”

    What is a suitable atmosphere and conditions? What does he mean by that? I take that to mean he's got a goal in mind and he will work to attain that before negotiating. Because now really is the time to negotiate before this get's too out of hand

    Arevordi "That said, the war waging in Nagorno Karabakh is indeed very serious as it has the potential to turn international..."

    I agree with this. Dangerous.

    If you write anything at your place about what's going on I'll put it here. While we don't see eye to eye entirely, you point of view is truly appreciated.

    Thanks again :)

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    2. Penny,

      The Turkish propaganda I mentioned was about PKK fighters in Nagorno Karabakh, not about NATO. Some obscure Western news sources simply picked up on what Turks put out. Moreover, PKK is NOT a terrorist organization like the article you quoted from claims. Anyone that calls them terrorists is on a Turkish payroll. Look into it and you will see. The fact that Middle Eastern Armenians cooperate with PKK against Turks has absolutely no bearing on what is happening in Nagorno Karabakh today. PKK can barely keep themselves alive in Kurdistan, they are going to "help" us in Nagorno Karabakh? Like I said, there is no military role for the PKK in Nagorno Karabakh. What is going on there is a real war.

      Regarding NATO in Armenia: Why are you quoting a CIA/Neocon institution like CATO? These Western and Turkish sources are merely trying to muddy the waters (i.e. try to drive a wedge between Russia and Armenia) at a very dangerous time. Despite all the disinformation you are exposed to, know that Armenia is FIRMLY in the Russian orbit - militarily, economically and, in final analysis, and despite the current regime, politically.

      I forgot to mention one thing in my previous comment: Credible sources claim Turkey has in fact sent Syrian mercenaries to Azerbaijan to help Baku in their war effort. There is video evidence corroborating it.

      Finally, no, Anglo-American-Jews DO NOT want to see Turkey busted up. What they want is to get rid of Erdogan. Turkey itself is too valuable for Western powers...

    3. Hi Arevordi "Credible sources claim Turkey has in fact sent Syrian mercenaries to Azerbaijan to help Baku in their war effort. There is video evidence corroborating it."

      We'll disagree on that because that credible source has been identified as one Lindsey Snell- she is not credible.
      She's made outrageous claims, all unsubstantiated for some time- she's an american spy-

    4. Do you also disagree with Lavrov? :)

    5. regarding what specifically?
      something here- something else Lavrov said?
      ie an actual attributed statement?
      let me know, please?

  9. In time more will be reveled

  10. I left this comment at Arevordi's- but am not sure that he will get it? The page crashed, so I'll post it here

    "Good day Arevordi!

    The Kurds you claim can barely sustain themselves control 40 percent of Iraqi oil and most of the Syrian oil. The US has just made grand deals with the PKK associated Kurds positioned in Syria.

    Considering Pashinian is the west's man-Protege of Soros and the NED, Armenia's biggest problem is internal. After two years there is no doubt in my mind Pashinian has been carrying out his orders.

    My hope is diplomacy can reign this in. If not... I shudder to think about it.

    Stay safe."

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    I have appealed of course, but may be permanently gone from 'Blogger'... If that is so, I will let you know and let you know soon if I decide to come back in under a new title and/or a different blog..


    1. Hey North!
      I'd seen your last couple of posts- can't recall anything offensive?
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      heavy handed censorship
      Keep me in the loop North!

    2. I have my temporary 'back up' site over at But that WORDPRESS service is not as good as "blogger' even though Blogger has turned into a mess at times..

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      Hopefully readers will not give up on me, for I am a warrior that has been at this for well over a decade and does NOT want to quit!

    3. Okay North
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