Thursday, October 8, 2020

BLM & Antifa Pull Down Statues, Mellon Foundation Pledges $$$ To "Reinvent" America's Monuments & Rewrite It's History

Banking Family Foundation Coordinates With BLM and Antifa Destruction?  What are the odds?

Mellon Foundation Pledges $250 Million to Reinvent America’s Monuments

Stonewall Jackson Relegated to the Dust Bin

  In the years to come, the landscape of public memorials in the United States may change dramatically. This week, one of the nation’s leading philanthropic organizations, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, announced plans to commit $250 million toward the establishment of new monuments that better reflect the country’s diverse history.

   The so-called “Monuments Project” is the largest campaign in the foundation’s history, reports the New York TimesJennifer Schuessler. Over the next five years, the foundation will fund the creation of new “monuments, memorials, or historic storytelling spaces” that tell hidden or marginalized histories, as well as relocating and contextualizing existing monuments and memorials, according to a statement.

“The beauty of monuments as a rubric  (an explanatory or introductory commentary or visual) is, it’s really a way of asking, ‘How do we say who we are? How do we teach our history in public places?’” says foundation president Elizabeth Alexander to the Times. “… We want to ask how we can help think about how to give form to the beautiful and extraordinary and powerful multiplicity of American stories.”

If we accept the idea of monuments as rubric then we should further comprehend they can be altered in order to change the perception- That's the thinking behind the Mellon Foundations largesse. 

Is that okay by you? It seems as if history is being rewritten which is not okay...

Alexander tells the Times that the foundation will not recommend monuments for removal or reevaluation. Instead, she says, the projects Mellon takes on “will depend on who comes to us.”

Speaking with the AP, Alexander adds, “There are so many stories of who we are that need to be told. We don’t have our actual, true history represented in our landscape.”

 “This is a way to make generational change in public art and history,” says Farber. “When you impact public art, you’re impacting democracy. ... And I think an investment in a new way of building and gathering around monuments is an investment in democracy.”

Generational change in history? It's all so big brotherish...



  1. So they're going to "help" depending on "who comes to us". Yes, as long as "whoever" is following the current dystopian, 1984 ideology. Indeed we are watching history being revised right in front of our eyes. The world is a sick place; the full court press that's been going on for a few years to divide people, particularly along color lines, the scamdemic, etc., keeping everyone busy. Meanwhile... once everyone takes their eyes off the current hate filled theater they will find that a certain tiny amount of people have gotten even richer and the middle east and likely other places do not look like they did before all of this started. Other than speaking contrarily to anyone who believes what's going on, I don't think there is anything we can do about it except watch it unfold. What it's actually about goes back so far (in my opinion millenia but certainly a couple of hundred years) that to explain it and show connections, etc. would be nearly overwhelming. I believe that there is a very small amount of people (I hope worldwide) who can see what is going on in its fullness, not just each scene that arrives on stage.

    1. By the way, there are a few statues of Lenin around this country (which was a gobsmacker to me when I first discovered this). Those have not been taken down. Hmmm...wonder if I should contact Mellon to see about getting rid of those?