Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Ontario, Canada Tracking LOWER on Covid Positives Then Lowest Projections -Media Hysterics Aside

 Hysteria. Pandemonium and Wild Uproar Has Been the Hallmark of Covid 1984

Reality has always been something else entirely.

Two weeks after the Ontario government released alarming COVID-19 modelling that anticipated a considerable rise in positive cases and intensive care unit (ICU) occupancy, those numbers have not come to pass.

The modelling – released Sept. 30 – projected low, medium and high scenarios. As of Oct. 13, the province’s actual numbers are all below even the lowest estimates.

 A chart predicting ICU occupancy gives a low end estimate of around 100 people in ICUs by the middle of October. The medium scenario would have seen Ontario exceed 150 people in ICU beds by this time, which public health officials and hospital CEOs cited as the figure that would compromise their ability to deliver non-COVID medical procedures throughout the province. The high scenario projected 450 people in ICUs.

Yet as of Oct. 13, there are 60 people in ICU beds. 

That's little more then half of the lowest estimate-

The fear of overwhelming ICU beds beyond the medium scenario has also played a significant role in the justification given for the various restrictions re-enacted in Ontario and was used by the Ontario Hospital Association at the end of September as their reason for calling for the province to be plunged back into Stage 2 lockdown.

This same situation plays out regarding the projected rise in cases. “Forecasting suggests that Ontario could be around 1,000 cases per day in the first half of October,” the Sept. 30 document reads.

Oh and this little tidbit. Can't believe I missed it! Padding the numbers!!

But that has not been the case for October, which has seen case counts range from 538 to 939. Several days in October also saw Toronto Public Health include newly discovered old cases from March to July in their daily case counts, inflating those day’s tallies.
Lots of misleading going on!


“We wanted to release this modelling to be open about the challenges our province faces, and the important work we all need to do to flatten the curve,” Dr. David Williams, Ontario’s chief medical officer of health, said at the time.

Dr. David Williams should be honest- They simply wanted to terrorize the people of Ontario. Same as they've done all along

But at a press conference on Tuesday, Williams did acknowledge that the dire predictions of the modelling haven’t come to pass.

 We're being played. So badly. So very badly!


  1. Over the top modelling and padding the numbers
    What's it going to take people? What's it going to take?

    1. Same question I've been asking. Frankly, I fear we're going to find out soon enough, but I don't think the face diaper people will make the connection.

  2. Speaking of being "played": do you suppose they coloured the mountain pale pink for a reason?

    From: "Pink Color Meaning":
    "... paler tones give off a more virtuous vibe."

    Suddenly I'm remembering Charley Pride's "Mountain of Love"!

    "You should be ashamed
    You used to be a mountain of love ..."

    600 cases seem like a lot, but not so much when you consider that Ontario has 14.5 million people and 384 hospitals -- yet Tam recently pulled the same old "overwhelmed" hospitals scare.


    Medical "Code Pink" definitions don't mention "novel" viruses, but do represent danger to infants.

    There's a plethora of hysterical warnings on the net regarding Covid and small children, and just the sight of pink might be enough to subtly play on parental fears.

    Yep, it does seem that minds are being messed with, Penny.

    1. Tam is just another politician pushing a political agenda.

      Good thinking on the pink presentation.. colours say more then most realize.