Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Pandemic Accelerates Need to Consider Digital Currency: Bank of Canada

Problem Reaction Solution(Ordo ab Chao)

Create a problem, which generates an easily anticipated reaction, then provide the solution that was desired all along

Pandemic accelerates need to consider digital currency: Bank of Canada

“With COVID, we’ve seen an acceleration of the shift of activities online and that suggests if we want to be ready to develop any kind of digital central bank product, we need to move faster than we thought was going to be necessary,” he said.

A digital currency would act like cash and streamline transactions by avoiding a need to use a payment card for online purchases"

An acceleration of the shift of activities online? As if it was voluntary?

I'll rewrite to better reflect reality:

 With the claimed COVID pandemic we forced activities online when we shuttered business and locked people down..... so we could push the desired digital tracking currency.

 Yes, that’s more accurate. Much more accurate.


  1. This year 2020… Canada is unrecognizable, 2021 expect a sock blowing shocker changes and not for better.
    During last century in Europe they changed currencies in many states. Pretty much drastic confiscation of people's savings because their savings were in the establishment issued currency. Digital currency implementation is exactly same with added surveillance of shopping habits.
    We will need the sigh of the beast to buy and sell just like the book of Revelation said

    1. Yes, this year is bizarre beyond belief.

      "drastic confiscation of people's savings"

      I'm afraid of that. Including confiscation of pensions.
      Hubby and I are getting towards the age of retirement and this worries us. So much for working your whole life and saving eh?

      Don't even get me started on the surveillance aspect!

  2. As if you didn't already have enough on your plate in the present, Penny, having to worry about the future takes the cake!

    It's amazing the number of articles that have been written saying that paper money retains germs for a long time. Another way of influencing people to prefer touchless payments. But those germs are most likely bacteria, not viruses, though the hype is the same. The solution: wash your hands, eh?

  3. Canadian WildflowerOctober 15, 2020 at 9:09 PM

    Penny, the mark of the beast is just around the corner, this digital currency to eliminate cash has been in the works for a long time!! I agree with your version of that article: it IS much more accurate! They spin it so that it seems like everyone went online voluntarily, when folks were forced online, or out of the market (for those who refuse to be forced online)!!

    1. Hi Canadian Wildlower;

      thanks for stopping by here. And yes, this whole push is really worrying- why people can't see the absolute loss of control over our own lives is incomprehensible!

      ps: I still can't comment at Wordpress?
      Don't have a clue why. Nonetheless, keep up your good work.