Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Ontario, Canada: Opioid Deaths Skyrocket Due to "Pandemic" Measures- The End Won't Justify the Means

 There have been a number of reports here covering the myriad and massive problems, not caused by a virus, but directly related to the measures inflicted on society. The very costly measures undertaken, allegedly,  in order to control the virus.These measures are what is destroying communities, societies, individuals.

Masks, didn't impede the spread. (and most probably made it worse)

Lock downs didn't impede the spread. (yet the insanity is being repeated)

Hand sanitizers didn't impede the spread (of course they couldn't because sanitizers are for bacteria- not for viruses) 

 Major increase in overdose deaths due to pandemic measures & drug users dying alone

 So, the addicts are 'social distancing' thereby increasing their isolation and inevitably their drug use.

"Overdose deaths in Ontario surged in the months after the coronavirus pandemic was declared, with most of them involving people who were found alone at the time of their death. A new report released Tuesday predicts at least 2,200 people in Ontario could die of opioid overdoses by the end of the year, in part due to the public health restrictions meant to curb the spread of COVID-19. This would be a 50 percent increase in opioid deaths in the province from 2019, which had 1,512 opioid-related deaths, and would make 2020 the worst year on record for overdose deaths for the province.

“It’s just devastating considering that deaths have been increasing year over year from fatal overdoses. And such a leap during a pandemic that is already so traumatic and difficult for so many people is just adding to that challenge,” Dr. Tara Gomes, an epidemiologist with Ontario Drug Policy Research Network, told VICE News. Her group is one of the authors of the 22-page report alongside Public Health Ontario and the Ontario coroner."

The spike in overdose deaths in Ontario in the wake of the pandemic mirrors similar trends across Canada and the U.S., with dozens of provinces and states reporting surges in overdose deaths since March

The overdose death rates in British Columbia and Alberta, for example, are far outpacing the number of COVID-19 deaths. 

What is the real pandemic?

“This increase in drug-related deaths is being driven by a combination of numerous factors, including an increasingly toxic unregulated (“street”) drug supply, barriers to access to harm reduction services and treatment, and physical distancing requirements leading to more people using drugs alone,” states the report. 

The report, which provides a snapshot of 2020 opioid overdose trends in the province based on statistics from January until the end of June, notes that three out of four opioid-related deaths (around 75 percent) occurred among people who were using drugs alone or in hotels and motels during the pandemic, meaning no one was there to intervene in the event of an overdose or reverse it with the antidote naloxone.

One of the largest increases in opioid-related deaths in Ontario have occurred among younger people from 25 to 44 years old, the report states. There were 289 deaths among people in this age bracket before the pandemic compared to 389 deaths during the pandemic

 The age group hardest hit by the pandemic measures. The group with many years of life ahead of them.  I've omitted the colonialism rhetoric. It's an identity politics ploy and it's not surprising that VICE is engaging in it.

The issue is poverty, despair and hopelessness, across all groups of people. Plenty of so called "white privileged" young people have been dying from opioid overdoses.


"Identity politics has been co-opted by the neoliberal technocracy to divert attention from wealth inequalities, the dominance of big corporations and financial oligarchy in politics, and the complete lack of democratic accountability of elected officials"


  1. Luckily for Ontario and all other states and provinces, Oregon has volunteered to take all their drug addicts. Allegedly volunteered, as I don't believe that the people of Oregon were actually foolish enough to vote for the societal suicide that Measure 110 entails. This ballot initiative, which was backed by the usual suspects- Soros, Zuckerberg, etc- 'decriminalizes' meth and heroin possession. This amounts to nothing more than a gigantic gift of Oregon's very limited wealth to the drug mafias.

    1. Hi anonymous:
      I've not read this anywhere? Oregon is going to take drug addicts from all over?!
      That's insane.
      Can you leave some additional reading here?