Friday, February 26, 2021

Dr Fausti Admits Vaccine Is A Failure For Transmission Reduction- Told Ya So!

 Hate to say you were all told this FACT, repeatedly. But you were.. This vaccine was never designed or proven to reduce transmission. Never. Ever. 

 Those media talking heads that have been pushing this, alt and msm, have been intentionally misleading or so inculcated with fear and disinfo that they took leave of the senses. Whichever? 

 This Meaghan McCain person (who ever she is) seems more bothered by the fact that Dr Fausti admitted to the failure of this vaccine. She seems bothered by his message more then the reality of the vaccine FAIL- Save for it being a mass experiment which is a win for the the pharmaceutical profiteers including, but certainly not limited, to Bill Gates.

Oh and she, Meaghan McCain, such a virtue signaling individual- can't trust that type!

Below the video I've relinked multiple previous reports that have discussed the failure to stop transmission issue with this so called vaccine. (mRNA therapy)  Long known. Check the dates on the posted information. Failure to stop transmission was known before the, ahem, vaccine was given EUA (emergency use authorization) and NOT approved.


It isn’t that Fausti is bad at his job. He's, in fact, been very good at misleading the herd.

He simply can’t keep on lying now that the vaccine is being rolled out- The Truth was inevitably going to bubble up to the surface. The vaccine doesn’t impede transmission. It never was demonstrated to do so.  There was NO SCIENCE, only spin, behind any claims of this vaccine doing much of anything beneficial. Unless one considers  causing harm and death by injection beneficial?  Those facts are being well obfuscated by the msm and some alt media darlings. Even that can only stand for so long, before it to will be bathed in the light.

Face it the masses have been played as fools. And they allowed themselves to be. By being lazy and not doing their own due diligence.

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  4.  Covid Outbreak Hits Site of First in Canada Covid Vaccination Roll Out

In order for this experiment on humanity to be conducted the bar for this vaccine was set lower then usual. And the usual is quite low as it is. Including the EAU

  1. The FDA DID NOT "APPROVE" The Pfizer Vaccine, They AUTHORIZED it For Use. EUA = Emergency Use Authorization

In my opinion, based on all I've read and written this latest pandemic vaccine trope can only be seen as justification for  mass human experimentation. Without your informed consent! 

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  1. "This Meaghan McCain person (who ever she is) "

    seriously Penny? I can not believe that you don't know that she's John McCain's daughter. More deep state establishment spooky is not possible. :-)

    1. gallier2

      I'm serious- this video was the first time I've ever laid eyes on her.

      But now that I know.... yah, I get how it is she is establishment spooky- which is likely why I found her complaint off- as if it was attempting to obfuscate the real issue with these vaccines- they don't work to block transmission and move it to demonizing Fausti for being honest, because, really he has no choice in the matter.

      btw: good to see you about :)

  2. I have seen facts elsewhere in the alternative media over the last while backing everything stated in your article, Penny.... Thus what gallier2 states may be factual, but it should not lessen the evidence that you have presented....

    The facts remain that the EXPERIMENTAL mRNA genetic modifying death jabs will NOT stop the non-existent 'deadly virus' at all, as that was absolutely NOT their intent at all.. Their intent was to cause those stupid enough to take the jabs to start manufacturing the pathogens as well as destroy their lives through the onset of auto-immune disorders....

    1. Hey North:

      I'm quite sure Gallier would agree, Ms McCain's diatribe doesn't change a thing. Actually if anything her virtue signalling served to obfuscate the reality of the situation.

      Definitely the mRNA 'vaccine' will only serve to cause harm..

    2. The mRNA thing is not a vaccine. It's a genetic intervention. There is a big, big side effect that it may sterilize women (see Wodarg/Yeadon
      It fits very well in the depopulation agenda of Gates and Klaus Schwab.

    3. You see, that I'm even farther away than you from the mainstream narrative. Covid is just the pretext for the "great reset".

    4. Hey gallier2

      I was confident we were on the same page regarding the vaccine

      I consider it to be a form of gene therapy and not a vaccine.

      I can see how it's possible sterilization could come about since the immune system could be 'trained' through this genetic coding to impede the formation of new life.

      I'd done a post on something along this line some time back.. the interference potential.

      If I can dig it up I'll relink

      and I've written a bit about the great reset, but, not too much- not enough hours in the day!

    5. The sterilization effect is even more specifically explained. The spike protein that characterise the SARS-CoV2 is very similar to the protein that is needed to fix the egg cell in the uterus (it is speculated that this protein originated from a virus). It's explained in the link I gave above.
      As the "fact checkers" are all over it means in my worldview that it is probably very true.

    6. Oh yes, the "fact checkers" lol
      the reinforcement of propaganda... passed off as 'fact checking'
      rolls eyes..

  3. Love the ending with Jayne Herdlicka!

  4. M.R. here …

    I've known from Day 1 that the mRNA vaccines were not designed to prevent infection or stop transmission of the cursed corona (Pfizer and Moderna told us so). Okay this is going to sound blunt but they had no intention of achieving herd immunity which the WHO now says only vaccines can do … not our innate immune system, oh no not that, it's just too natural. And this is even blunter. This vaccine is designed to cull the herd (I'm not the only one to assert this because people with expertise in this area have said it too). As the post-vaccine deaths pile up I'd say this is intentional … not accidental, not coincidental. Right now the vaccines are obviously causing damage and death, despite their denials, and as time passes this will be attributed to anything other than the vaccines, just as they knew would be the case.

    I'm probably a bit hyper-sensitive on this topic right now because after the roll out of the vaccine in our town, 1 person I know who had received the 2nd shot died within a week and 2 others are highly likely to be the same. They were elderly, in long term care and probably had health problems (most do in LTC). Comorbidities never stopped them usurping deaths to pump up their "covid death" numbers though. BTW, there were zero active cases of covid here prior to these 3 seniors passing away and we have had zero covid deaths to date … rapidly rapping on wood now.

    Seniors often have good instincts based on many years of living experiences. I had an elderly friend who passed away about 10 years ago. She quite amazed me at how politically savvy she was, despite her only source of information being the TV. She could see right through the lies. I had the advantage of the internet but I never prompted her. I just listened and nodded and thought to myself how wise she was. However, she was living at home with a caring family member. I feel long term care residents are less likely to retain their good instincts as they become integrated into the group and dependent on the services of the staff. Sadly they are being manipulated into accepting the vaccine and I do not fault them for that. I just feel a great deal of sympathy for them. To make matters worse, for the past year they haven't had the advantage of close contact with family members who could provide them with better vaccine information than the management.

    1. M.R.

      "I've known from Day 1 that the mRNA vaccines were not designed to prevent infection or stop transmission of the cursed corona (Pfizer and Moderna told us so)."

      I think what's been done to seniors has been atrocious. And fault their families to some extent for not doing what needed to be done for their loved ones. I'm still waiting for Doug Ford to have the heat turned up- feet to the fire, for his decision making which was identical to Andrew Cuomo's..


      That's the saddest thing about all this.. the information was present and accessible. Easily known. Yet the msm obfuscated the truth for their pharma masters so very well

  5. Covid is just the pretext for the "great reset".

    Yep, and it is being used to cover the fact that the little black hat wearers are going for broke in their efforts of stealing the last bit of wealth from regular folks.

    The financial system was imploding even before the fall of 2019. This "pandemic" gives cover for that and has issued a bailout so massive that it is going to crash the system (while leaving middle America, and the world, a dying husk).

    The Great Reset is cover for this massive thievery and gives them the means of doing it all over again.

    The chumps in America seem to be on board with it.